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Tucker is a G in this:

Mark-Hoffman-Open-Carry-TrollThe discussion starts at 2:43 – Good for him for speaking up.  Most wouldn’t have.



IKEA had a similar ad.  Either way, it’s funny.

Evolve does not address legislative issues, but instead focuses on exerting social pressures in order to persuade individuals to voluntarily adopt the most responsible gun safety behaviors in the context of their lives and communities. is the group who put it out.  Nice website… they pretty much had me on board as soon as I arrived at the site and witnessed the typography, graphics, color palate, and the layout.

evolve-life-country-responsiblityI don’t have time to read everything in their website, but it appears they aren’t a threat to gun rights as some of those similar looking wolf in sheep’s clothing help us help you groups are.  haha they have a Tales Of Dumbassery section on their website linking to several irresponsible incidents involving guns.



Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety at work:

0:05 – Don’t be a pansy and dwell on it… 50 Cent got shot more times than you and he turned it into something positive; a few-hundred-million dollar business.

gun-control-works0:14 – Professional victim Colin Goddard’s token appearance. “I heard you guys were doing something to do with gun control?  I WANT IN.  PLEEEEEEEEASE?”.  I bet Colin never even rubbed Bio-Oil on those scars, just so they would turn out the scariest and he could use them to score TV spots and gun control chicks.



People were shitting a brick on the internet yesterday regarding these two pictures:



Yea, really dumb for obvious reasons which I’m not even going to bother getting into.  After 2 seconds worth of research though, you can see that the facebook link at the bottom of actually links to this facebook page, not the one.

I’ll give them points for creative trolling.  Subtle enough they fooled a lot of people because the rest of the facebook page looked legit.

Michael-BloombergIf you missed the talk about Bloomberg’s $50 Everytown For Gun Safety check the link.  That initial fake page was taken down as predicted.

I also posted a great What if Guns And Cars Were Treated Alike comparison a while back you should check out.



An anti-gun group NYC Mayor Bloomberg created.  This is the first promo video:

Not bad… not bad.  Nothing we haven’t seen before though… work on your creativity Bloomberg. In fact it’s basically identical to the “The Monster Is Real” video I posted last week.  Why a girl that age has not be educated on guns is what baffles me.  Hopefully other kids her age additionally know not to drink poison and not to stick her hand in the garbage disposal and a long list of other things that could kill them.

$32.1 Billion Dollar Bloomberg plans on sinking $50 Million into this group to curb gun violence and hopes to eventually outmuscle the NRA according to this NY Times article.  Good for him!  I’m happy for him that he has $50 Million that he literally wont miss, which he can spend on his hobby.  I wish I were in the same position, but instead of spending $50 Million on gun control I’d split the money up between Glock, some rifle companies, and some ammunition companies in order to arm true Americans.  I’d hand “free gun and ammo” certificates out like Santa everywhere I go.

Some more “Everytown for Gun Safety” news… someone hi-jacked the name of the Facebook page before his group got a chance to register it:


Wow actual “gun safety” tips that would save lives… Imagine that.

Frankly I don’t see the big deal about that besides it’s a bit “heh” funny.  You don’t think someone worth $32.1 billion dollars could get that name back in 30 seconds if he wanted it?  Trust me, he could get Mark Zuckerberg on the phone before I finish typing this sentence if he wanted to.  Hell when you have 32.1 billion dollars and are a guy that loves power as much as Bloomberg you could probably get Zukerberg to cough up the names and addresses of everyone who “liked” the page… and then have them all mysteriously die in “accidents”.

OHHHHH SHIT.  Hitler as Bloomberg in a Downfall subtitle parody:



Hat tip: Steve, Ben, Danny


I really wish these countries weren’t so shitty, and they actually kept stats on firearm related injuries and what not:

I bet those stats would blow our minds. The education system in general there has to be bad to non-existent.  Maybe most people are walking around all polite and what not, but VICE did a clever edit haha righhhhhht.

Oh the LULZ that are had over there (0:26) *facepalm*:


Dudes be trippin in Tripoli.

Thoughts?  I’m thinking we should probably spend millions to aid them (ahahahahhaaha no).