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An extras excerpt from VICE’s new show on HBO:

Wow, 2 weeks to make one gun, and they sell it for $98 USD?! Incredible how much more our time is worth here.  As always I was incredibly disappointed they aren’t making bootleg Deagle brand Deagles anywhere (yet).  If there was an easy way to legally import guns like that, I’d have one badass collection… that kind of thing is so fascinating to me.

2:10 – You have to be shitting me?!  He made that 1911?  Wow… From a distance I’ve seen worse looking 1911s made by machines and sold in gun stores here.


I have the full episode, but I haven’t got around to watching it yet.

I wonder if people are making handguns by hand from scratch just for kicks anywhere in the US as well?



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70 Apparently… and this is the best part:

Ludco Gun Shop owner Fred Ludington was arrested this morning on federal charges. Ludington was charged with selling firearms to felons and non-Indiana residents.

Damnit Fred! Didn’t you know that the ATF is already in that business?  I wouldn’t take to kindly to someone cutting into my margins either.

Full Story – HERE