gun show loophole

Hahahha this is great:

Steven-Crowder-gunsDefinitely worth watching.   Starting at 0:38 & 4:08 those few clips… it’s incredible how misinformed some of these “celebrities” are.  That is the absolute worst too because idiots look to them for information.

If you haven’t seen his video 2nd Amendment For Muskets Only? video make sure to check it out also.


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Nonsense in America.  A great Moms Demand Action facebook troll page:




Moms-Against-EverythingMake sure to check out more of the funny Moms Against Everything pics, and pass them around.  I’d like to say I was surprised that there are many comments on that page from people that don’t “get” that it’s a parody.

Thoughts?  Ban EVERYTHING?

Hat tip: Dawud


Tactical Tunes with a song about everyone’s favorite loophole to acquire fully automatic high capacity assault weapons:

So many off-the-books grenade launchers and M16s to be had MUAHHAHA.

I got a kick out of the comment on the video by fattywithafirearm (honest nickname if I’ve ever heard one):

An FFL I saw at a local gun show did have a gunshow loophole. He had decorated a holahoop with frilly shit, then hung a sign below it that said it was a gun show loop hole. He would have you hand your filled out 4473 through the holahoop so he could call it in. Then he would hand the gun to you through the holahoop. It was a real gun show loop hole.

Tactical-Tunes-ENDO-California-tshirthaha pure gold.

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