Gun sound

The homies over at The Firearm Blog put up a cool video:

TFB-Guess-That-Gun-SoundSince TFB is running summary RSS (*shakes fist* summary is the devils tool), rather than full RSS I almost didn’t even click through when I was browsing my feed.  I’m glad I did though, because the video was good PLUS Alex is even wearing an old school ENDO Apparel shirt!  That’s the Pictogram Fire Selector Switch shirt.  There’s actually only small & medium of that and the black version left.  Take 50% off that design for the next couple days using code PICTOME if you’re interested.  Also guys, I can’t stress enough, sign up for the ENDO Apparel mailing list.  I am announcing exclusive deals constantly through that list (twice a week usually), and I am NOT talking about them on the blog normally.  There will be another one tomorrow sometime.  You’re welcome to use multiple discount codes in combo with one another currently, you just have to email me after you place the order though so I can refund the proper amount because the system will only accept one discount code.

On another note, damn TFB is fancy with their white board and their grand round table. Flash to me in my underwear eating blueberries alone in the dark in front of the glow of two 27″ iMacs.

Did you guess them all?  I got 3 of them so I don’t suck that bad I suppose.