gun star

Yeager takes us to school:

No “Acquire Haters” step?!  See I knew he wasn’t going to give away the whole secret recipe.  The game is to be sold not told, I know that too.

I am not planning on making regular YouTube videos, but it was still good to watch just to see his insight.

FXHummel has an epic song about YouTube gun stars:



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True to the original video style of the song this covers (Nickleback – Rockstar):

The remix was all put together by YouTuber FateofDestinee. She did a great job with the editing!

Make sure you check out the video description on YouTube for links to the respective YouTuber’s channels.

You can check out FXhummel1’s original video – HERE

If you like any of the t-shirts FXhummel1 is wearing you can pick them up over at ENDO Apparel.

FxHummel1 asked me if I could record the part where he mentioned ENDO, but sadly I couldn’t because I was operating in operations. Then when I finally thought I had some free time to do it, some supermodels wanted me to come to their calendar party. #BlogLife


I quote “Thank god for blogs like EverydayNoDaysOff…”:

@1:47 – they sort the good vids from the uninteresting stuff / not to mention you can purchase a stock for your full size Glock.

Epic!  I saw my site link in the details on my subscription, and when I heard the mention in song it made my day.

If you hate on fxhummel1 videos you either are a troll, hate guns, or have no sense of humor.  I say it time and time again, but this guy delivers.

Each new song has more energy than the previous one.  This guy is on a roll…