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Hell yea brUther:

I love it when people do stuff like that ūüėā. Not really practical because it’s so slow, but still incredibly well done and cool.¬† I definitely want to get into Alexa programming sooner or later, I just need to think of an application that would benefit me in my day to day life.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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If nothing else, this is a great use of space:

I wish the insert sat flush with the wall. ¬†It appears to stick out what looks like ~1/4″, which wouldn’t be a huge deal for many applications… but for others, having the “cover” item stick out that much extra might raise suspicion, which isn’t good if you’re trying to hide these things.

If you have kids, or often have nosy visitors at your house you definitely have to take that into consideration seeing as this option leaves your stuff wide open for handling if found.

I am pleasantly surprised at the prices.  $40 for the small wall insert (handgun size), and $110 for the large one (rifle size) with free shipping.

Check out Tactical Walls for more pictures and info.  I might grab one to put behind my autographed David Hasselhoff poster.

Their installation instructions are basically “Dick in a box, so not that big of deal if you own something that will cut through drywall.



The system holds an M4,Shotgun and handgun in your large vehicle:

Some issues I have with the product:

  • It’s aluminum. ¬†Yea I know it’s to save weight, but that’s at the cost of having easy as butter to break into.
  • The lock mechanism looks weak. ¬†Seriously, an L-bracket secured by two screws?
  • It opens up only in the direction of the driver, creating a barrier to the passenger. ¬†I think i’d rather have it open forward, so the passenger could quickly get a gun too.
  • The price. ¬†For $2400 I wish it at least came with an AR500 steel plate in the lid so that a person could take cover behind it if they got ambushed.
  • It’s tied into your factory door locks. ¬†So does that maen if a thief smashes the window and hits the unlock button he can have all your firearms?

As far as my last gripe goes, I know it’s not meant to be a safe… but it very well could be one if it the product was done properly and at least provide the thief¬†with some¬†barriers¬†to entry. ¬†Lastly it appears their target market for this product is law enforcement, not the regular guy. ¬†I don’t know how much of a problem law¬†enforcement¬†has with vehicle weapon theft, but i’m sure the issue is not that widespread considering how stupid someone would have to be to do that.

Check out the Console Bunker website for more information.


Hat tip: Chris