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LOL holy, this is serious:

This IDS guy is so damn funny sometimes.. but totally not on purpose.  I have said it before though, and I think it deserves repeating… the fact he’s churning out these videos religiously day after day even though they get under 100 views is admirable. You gotta crack a few eggs to make an omelet, amirite fellas?

Jokes aside I have seen some interesting topics and points of view in his videos.  It’s when it gets psudo-deep and into extremely-single-dad-online vibes, is when I lose the guy.


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Matt Best had to do it to em:

haha hilarious, and so true.  The instagram “TrainiNg InStruCtOrS” are in an intense race to the bottom.  I specify Instagram because it’s the place that most of them are choosing to showcase their bullshit in realtime nowadays.  I’m just waiting for one of them to strap on a gun and jump an actual shark like The Fonz while engaging targets.  They are already metaphorically doing that on a daily basis, so one of them might as well just be self-aware / funny and do it for real.  That’s a free idea for the ones that read the blog.


Gat tip: Willy


OMG “Guided Chaos” guys look:

The script would read “Opening scene, we see the shooter on an indoor range which looks a lot like John Wayne Gacy’s basement”.

0:26 – Balance training always comes in handy.  Personally I train on log roll though…. having it spin you around and dunk you is some bullshit, be prepared.

0:39 – Awwwwwww shit the old “No-Look/Switch Hand /Moving/Point Shoot” such a classic.  You can tell him and his buddies made this shit up just to be like “HELL YEA WE OPERATE HARD BRO!”

1:00 – PURE CHAOS guys… pure uncut chaos.  MY MIND WAS LIKE *KABOOM*

1:09 – I wonder what being a “Guided Chaos Jostler” pays?  Do they have another opening?  Is there an application / interview?  “Where have you jostled in the past?”  “Are you comfortable jostling in all types of environments, disruptive ones even?”  “Ever run into any issues in a jostle? If so how did you solve them?”  “Where or who do you see yourself jostling in 10 years?”

1:29 – He trains like he’s on the school yard, and those five dummies are bullies who want to give him an atomic wedgie.

Guided-Chaos-Adaptive-Defense1:44 – He’s in full flashback mode here.  His mom warned him about this type of training brining up old thoughts of the past.  Hear his primal UHHHhhgggggggg uHhhHHGGGGGGAaAAHHhhhhhh.

Get some more Guided Chaos over at their website Attack Proof, and find out where you can train with them.  I know your mom and his mom will be besties.  After your 2nd training session they’ll even collaborate and your mom might make cookies and his might make little triangle cut sandwiches with the crust removed.

Thoughts?  I bet he’s asked his mom so many times if he could get the Guided Chaos logo tattooed on his lower back.  She keeps saying no.

Hat tip: Caleb