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Everytown For Gun Safety made a toon to pull on your heart strings:

Everytown seems like it would be an ally to gun rights, until you take a look at the issues on their site.  It’s non stop gun-blaming.. blame guns for hate crimes, blame ghost guns which are.. and I quote “the fastest-growing gun safety problem facing our country.” And on an on.. smh.  Ok thurrrrrr.

“End gun violence by wearing Orange on June 4-6”.. yea sounds legit.  I’m sure June 7th and on the US will be a mental illness & crime-free utopia.


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Beep boop beep 🤖 I’m Gabby Giffords:

1:04 – “Last year alone, 36,000 Americans, died from gun violence” -Mark Kelly.  W-R-O-N-G.  Do we really have to go over this shit every time?  It’s truly exhausting when they try and act like that figure is ALL murders, and not mainly suicides (normally over half are suicides), accidental/negligent gun deaths etc..

Here is the official CDC (center for disease control) final data for 2014 showing 33,594 firearm deaths.  BUT this is what that number consists of:

Firearm—In 2014, 33,594 persons died from firearm injuries in the United States (Tables 18 and 19), accounting for 16.8% of all injury deaths in that year. The age-adjusted death rate from firearm injuries (all intents) did not change significantly in 2014 from 2013. The two major component causes of firearm injury deaths in 2014 were suicide (63.7%) and homicide (32.8%). The age-adjusted death rate for firearm homicide decreased 2.8%, from 3.6 in 2013 to 3.5 in 2014. The rate for firearm suicide did not change.

I don’t know why all anti-gun groups do this… it’s like the honest answer of people dead due to actual murders just isn’t impressive enough for them.  Take into account that even that number includes a lot of gang violence, where criminals are killing one another.  I can’t wait until one day where the data is so beautifully collected that I can filter out the number of criminals who were murdered and so on.

Why is General Stanley McChrystal in on this?  Some sort of elitist attitude at work here?

1:12 – “Gabby and I are both gun owners” – Holy shit that was so patronizing… and like he’s talking to a 3 year old.  Oh they “support second amendment rights BUT”… then cue the talk about criminals getting firearms.

1:26 – Oh we “knowingly tolerate” criminals buying guns legally?  Since when?

1:45 – At this point in the video, I realized that Gabby is VERY good at nodding.

I really feel terrible that Gabby Giffords was shot.  It should have never happened.  I also feel really terrible that’s she’s being paraded around like this.

Oh man the end of the video is difficult to watch 😬.



From the “States united to prevent gun violence”:

8 kids dying per day (according to the video) means there are 2920 kids per year which die of “gun violence”.  I attempted to fact check this and came up with a June 2017 article in a pediatrics journal.  Academic journals are normally peer reviewed / fact checked for accuracy so I don’t see why this one would be any different.  Here is what it says:

RESULTS: Nearly 1300 children die and 5790 are treated for gunshot wounds each year.

The shooter playing with a gun was the most common circumstance surrounding unintentional firearm deaths of both younger and older children.

Sorry you shitheads who made the video… 1300 is NOT 2920, and “the shooting playing with a gun” can’t be considered “gun violence” by any stretch of the imagination.  Another anti-gun group (the Brady Campaign) comes up with the number of 4 kids being murdered every day, which is a lot closer to the 1300 per year stat anyways.

I don’t see how embellishing facts or redefining gun violence could possibly help their cause in the long term.



But they gave them reality not fantasy:

usher-sipHmmmm got em?  This is one of the better anti-gun marketing ideas I’ve ever seen, because at least there was some effort put in.  I still don’t get how seemingly these people can separate criminals having guns and doing bad stuff with them, from people wanting them to PROTECT THEMSELVES from such criminals.  I’m sure some of those shootings could have been stopped or at least saved a few lives if there was a good guy with a gun.



A TED talk by the managing director of “Sandy Hook Promise”, Nicole Hockley:

6:05 – “Lets just take a step back for a moment.  What is gun violence?  And how should we define it?  It is gun related death and suicide, unintentional, and law enforcement related shootings and all other non fatal acts of violence involving a firearm.”

6:45 – “Gun violence occurs on average 500,000 times per year” (by her definition above I’m assuming).  Nice work at inflating the usual 30k people statistic (~15k which are suicides).

Looking at the Sandy Hook Promise website, there’s nothing real blatantly “anti-gun” on it that I can see.  A lot of “see something say something” type stuff involving mental health and social media snitching (over anything gun related).  I don’t doubt that she wishes all guns were banned, but she’s obviously smart enough to know that outright saying that isn’t going to make a lot of friends (That pesky 2nd Amendment and all).  Being into firearms and having children who you responsibly share your hobby with in today’s day and age sounds exhausting.  They can’t talk about it apparently, or promote it without being at risk of being labeled a crazy person who’s going to shoot up the school.  I’m sure it’s different in the country than in the city, but still seems like this fear mongering is everywhere.

Women-Against-Gun-Violence-Finger-GunI still think it’s incredibly derpy that she included, unintentional shootings, and law enforcement related shootings in her definition of gun violence.  Like LOL WUT?  This is the first organization I’ve ever seen shit on the police.  Normally the rhetoric is that only the police should have guns because they are the highly trained pros and the most responsible people on the planet.  Including suicides in the definition is pretty standard, because it adds to the total.



Steven Crowder breaks it down:

chris-crocker-leave-rifles-aloneIf you missed the original video make sure to check it out.  A lot of you guys called bullshit on various parts of the video in the comments, which was awesome.