SHOTS FIRED in this whole damn video:

The Funker Tactical marketing machine is back in full TMZ camera mode, throwing gas on the marketing fire with this one.  Such a gritty “cool teen” location too, in the graffiti’d up alley behind the downtown Chipotle all hoodied up talking his shit.

0:25 – ahhah they gun store he goes to sells a t-shirt that says “I’m too fat to fight… I just shoot”.  Classic 👌🏾.  Oh shit, did I just use an emoji darker than my skin tone?  *GASP*.  I read this article a while back, and feel 1000x dumber because of it.  I digress… back to the vid.

0:33 – Yea dude we get it, you’re in amazing shape and you spend your entire life training for stuff that will probably never happen to you.  Bravo, I’m really happy for you for real.  I joke about “Piehitters” and what not, but I would never question someones ability to rise to the occasion no matter how fat or skinny or weak, or how much they train etc…  Look at the guy who stopped the recent church shooting (Stephen Willeford).  He’s hardly in peak physical shape… AND he ran out of his house barefoot to confront and shoot the gunman.  Mission accomplished.

Thoughts?  Does this make you immediately want to train with him when he talks down on other training schools… or do you want to avoid him like the tactical plague?  When is Ryan going to release his Funker Fit Tea?  Will I need to show creds and have someone sign off on the number of hours I spend training per week to drink it? Will the training need to be Funker approved?

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Reminded me a bit of the Matrix Acapella Gun Sounds Lobby Scene.   This video is much more awesome though, and it’s evident they had a lot of fun doing it by the looks of the behind the scenes video.

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The alternate ending – HERE

Some people are sure good at that stop motion stuff!

Hat tip: Raeshawn


Have a gun.  Bring all your friends who have guns.

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Picture by the artist Marek Rudowski

Marek, buddy.. what’s with the terrible toon trigger discipline? :P


Source – XKCD

Argh.. those damn tumbleweeds. :P


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I bet he will REFLECT back on that, and realize it was a bad idea *baZINGA*