Gunfighter Gear

People often complain about the AR-15’s charging handle.


It seems to be relying heavily on the Magpul BAD lever he’s got on there.  The only thing this basically does is let you use the side charing handle to get that initial round in the chamber from a closed bolt, or clear any easy jams from the side if that’s what you’re into.

Unfortunately it also still doesn’t solve the problem the AR has of gas blowing back into your face.  I know a few companies make gas buster charging handles to solve that… he should incorporate that into his side charger to give it a bit more value.

I’m not sure why I had to do some intense googling in order to find out where you guys can buy this thing or how much it is.  A simple URL in the YouTube description or video would have done the trick.  Anyway Gunfighter Gear is the place and the price is $150.

Thoughts?  Alright price or too expensive?  Would operate with?