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Some of you may remember the story I posted back in February about 29 year old GunPal CEO Benjamin Phillip Cannon who was arrested for allegedly impersonating a police officer.

Well I’m glad to report today that the case was dismissed, and here are some words from the man himself:

I was arrested and my house raided for allegedly pulling someone over with a red light and badge somewhere in or near Santa Rosa. None of what was found at the scene of the alleged crime was found in my possession – yet prosecution commenced.

Trouble is I was 100 miles away in Sacramento that entire day with multiple witnesses, Cellphone GPS records, phone calls, and text messages, and signed credit charge receipts to prove it.

Source –

It will be interesting to hear more about this story. I’m still curious as to why he was on the sheriff’s violent crimes unit radar in the first place.

By the sounds of it, Ben is going to be bringing a lawsuit of his own to those that tried to smear his good name.

Thanks to Kestryll and DavidC from Calguns for letting me know.


To Quote DavidC, when I asked about solid proof the case was dismissed:

Journalists seldom report when someone’s name is cleared, but they sure are quick to drag someone through the mud when they are accused.

I think that really rings true in mainstream media.  I try to “make right” whenever possible on my blog when it comes to situations like this.  I can think of nothing worse then being proven innocent, or having the charges dropped, and a majority of people still thinking you were guilty just because they were not informed.  Hopefully we will see some coverage from the big news stations that reported on the original arrest, but I’m definitely not holding my breath.


A 22 year old woman gets pulled over by an unmarked vehicle (2001 silver BMW).  A man not wearing a uniform approached her car and flashed what appeared to be a badge and then asked her for identification.  The woman got suspicious and asked the man to have a marked vehicle respond.  The man became uncomfortable and drove away.  The woman called the police.

Police identify 29 year old Benjamin Phillip Canon as a suspect after the woman driving identified him as the man who pulled her over.  Police set up surveillance on Cannon and arrest him at his home and allegedly find a police scanner, a strobe light, handcuffs, and a siren inside his car.  Cannon was booked in to jail, and has since posted $10000 bail.

Source : ABC News – HERE

There is an outpouring of support for him on, where he is treasurer and director.  In the first post on that thread Mr. Canon also claims the allegations are untrue and that he hopes this will all blow over quickly.

My Thoughts:

  • I hope he is innocent, but if he isn’t then I hope he gets all he deserves.  We definitely don’t need creeps pulling women over and pretending to be cops.
  • Who did he piss off to end up in a police lineup?  I find it odd that a business man would be on the sheriff’s violent crimes unit radar.  Did he have any sort of past run ins with the law for something serious?
  • Although some members on Calguns would disagree, it seems to me that having all that police related equipment in his car is not going to help his claim of innocence.  I agree though, just like the media often does.. those alleged items they said Canon possessed could actually be other everyday items that they just embellished the name on to make the story more interesting.





There has been a lot of buzz about GunPal lately in the firearms community.  People are excited about it because Paypal is notoriously against firearm transactions.

GunPal is a non profit organization and donates the fees you pay per transaction to the “pro 2nd amendment” type organization of your choice! (if it’s on their list)

The transactions fees (receiving money) are as follows:

For Transactions greater than $10 (Ten Dollars):

  • 2.8% + $0.30 for all transactions

For Transactions under $10 (Ten Dollars):

  • 4.8% + $.30 for all transactions

Compared to PayPal:

  • $0.00 USD – $3,000.00 USD     2.9% + $0.30 USD
  • $3,000.01 USD – $10,000.00 USD     2.5% + $0.30 USD
  • $10,000.01 USD – $100,000.00 USD     2.2% + $0.30 USD
  • > $100,000.00 USD     1.9% + $0.30 USD

As you can see the fee schedule is set up a bit different, but very competitive.

Both PayPal and GunPal do not charge the person sending money anything.


1) How will buyer disputes be handled at GunPal?

PayPal is often a source of frustration for buyers that have a dispute with their transaction.  It’s a long arduous process, and the outcome (what ends up happening with the money) sometimes seems like it was decided with the flip of a coin.  I have heard so many PayPal horror stories when it comes to sellers losing their product, and the money they were initially paid for it, and vise versa from buyers who paid for a product and they didn’t receive it or it came damage or not as advertised.

2) Why does a place that calls itself GunPal have no branding related to guns?

Seems like a strange decision.  There is not so much as a picture of a firearm on their ENTIRE site, not even in their logo.

I watched the main Flash animation for a good couple of minutes, thinking that someone holding a gun would appear any second.. but all I saw is a race car, a guy standing on a mountain top, a woman that just had a good putt, and a couple doing some akward airplane gesture on a beach.


My concerns aside.  I wish this company lots of success, I hope they get a lot of PayPal converts, and importantly never forget about listening to their customers.

Visit their website to learn more