Someone’s grade 6 class project evidently:

Stealth-GunpowderSeriously why even bother? I know nothing more than when I started the video unless I take this person’s (troll’s) word for it.

Something tells me if “Stealth Gunpowder” was actually a thing, one of the huge companies (not to mention DARPA even) would be the ones to make it.  What do I know though?

Thoughts?  Derpiest of the derp troll vids?  Or do they have something real?


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Demolition Ranch puts the flame on it:

Son-I-Am-DisappointIf you own guns and have never pulled a case to light the powder I’d be very surprised.   Additionally if you weren’t surprised / disappointed it didn’t explode in a manly fireball I’d also be very surprised (Blackpowder is quick, but I never had any of that).  I literally thought my entire face was going to be melted off Terminator 2 style as soon as the free John Barleycorn matches I was no doubt using made contact.  What happened to free wooden matches places would give out anyway?  That was classy.  As a kid who liked to light stuff on fire, I liked that.



Maybe my standards are too high when it comes to blowing stuff up, but I find this mini cannon series incredibly boring.

Shortly after Part 1 came out in April, I have been getting 1-2 emails per week from people telling me about the video. Rather than be rude and say “That is the most boring video I’ve ever seen” I was nice and said I’d consider posting about it.  Since it is clear the emails are going to keep coming in regarding this video I decided to write this post.

The only thing that I found slightly impressive was in Part 2 when the cannon operator was able to hit the gas filled balloon and the fluorescent light from a decent distance.  Although, in retrospect that could have been take #whoknows … so i’m pretty much back to being unimpressed.

Here are both parts if you haven’t already seen them: