This is really cool:

I’ve seen these “how we make the sounds” thing before, and they’re always interesting.  Not surprising they use pug dogs for all sorts of weird noises haha.

Seems like a very detailed and interesting job.  I wonder how the pay is? 🤔

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hahah, oh VR videogames…

the-american-dream-gunsThe tag line: The American Dream. Look down the barrel of a future where all your everyday needs are solved with guns.

haha well it looks like it has the potential to be fun.  I’m surprised a YouTuber hasn’t put holes in non-holed donuts yet… that seems like a good video idea.

Samurai Punk is the developer… they say it will be released in 2017.


Gat tip: Leo


I could have done without some of the recklessness and negligence, but other than that I endorse this message.  Oh… SNL was trying to be funny again in this.  Damn they got me. :P

SNL-Guns-Are-Here-To-StayI actually think the more ridiculous these types of skits are, the better it is for the pro-gun cause.  Although… thinking out loud, I’m sure the anti-gun crowd does think most gun owners are as stupid as those portrayed in the video.  Sure there definitely are some people who fit all those negative stereotypes and some how manage to dodge darwin over and over… but as we know, most are perfectly responsible.

Thoughts?  Also, I ask this periodically because I loved SNL back in the 90s, but is it worth checking out again or is it a complete waste of time now?


This was pretty cool:

Is a celebrity real estate developer a good pick to run the country?  I don’t really know Trump beyond “The Apprentice”, so my opinion doesn’t mean much.  I have to say though when he shut that reporter down I was like:

I picture Trump owning a lot of gold Deagles and gold 1911s. Probably has a gold AK-47 Saddam Hussein style too.

Hope you guys are having a killer weekend.


A kid, a metal detector, a river, and lots of old rusted gun parts:

Seems like a cool hobby.  I’d probably be entertained as long as I found interesting stuff like this mixed in with all the garbage finds.

So many firearms and law experts in the comments on YouTube haha.

metal-detector-guns-riverWhat’s your theory on this cache?  I’m guessing crime guns like some of the commenters also guessed.  I’m sure forensics could still be done on the filed off serial numbers on a lot of those receivers.

From YouTube commenter Ben Garrison, this is what was found:

  • UZI submachine gun upper receiver
  • SA26 stock
  • PPSH41 upper receiver
  • Thompson SMG lower receiver.
  • STEN submachine gun trigger assembly
  • UZI front half of upper reviver
  • Uzi barrel
  • Another Thompson lower reviver
  • A third Thompson lower
  • Bolt for an UZI SMG
  • Looks like a .22 caliber silencer (possibly illegal to own)
  • Looks like the cut of stub of a barrel
  • Sawed off DP28 barrel with part of the barrel jacket and front sight
  • LarMother-Of-God-Memege silencer, probably for a .45 caliber MAC10 (Possibly illegal to own)
  • Upper receiver for a STEN, would probably fit the trigger assembly he found earlier
  • Magazine housing for a STEN
  • Bolt for an M1 Thompson SMG
  • Most of an SA26
  • not sure what the but plate if for, but it’s similar to an AK
  • The thing on the rock he calls slide is an upper reviver for a Thompson SMG (may very well be illegal to own)

Gat tip: SmoothOperator45


A Kickstarter where you can pick up a 2015 calendar if it gets funded:


Puppies-With-Guns-2Check out more pictures and info over at the Kickstarter project page.  I like the idea!  At $20 it would make a great stocking stuffer for someone on your list who is into dogs and guns.

LOL puppies are hilarious… the look on some of their faces.  It must have been hard to get some of them to sit still.  Either that or they set it on burst mode with the quick shutter speed.