gunshow loophole

hahah this guy:

Wow who would have thought a politician would beleive laws and bans would prevent people from hurting other people.  Oh and the “Gunshow Loophole”… priceless.

Every time I hear Bernie Sanders talk my stomach gets in a knot.  His voice and cadence are difficult to listen to (for me anyway).  What’s the deal with him now… does he have a chance?  Like the homie Brandon Wardell said “Bernie 2016, let’s get it poppin bitch”  Is it going to be President Trump or President Hilary?  hahah this is all so ridiculous.

Tickets-Gun-ShowTo make this all funnier, the above video is directly from Bernie’s own YouTube page.  Who knew a guy who is 105 year old could figure out how to upload a video.  I’m impressed. :P