This looks really cool:

I can’t get over how good graphics are these days.  When I googled “Gunsmith Simulator”, it appears the game is on Steam, but not released yet. Using something like an Oculus for that would be awesome.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Those guys definitely know their way around a machine shop.  That’s nuts how the one guy was eyball-milling out a handgun and inner parts by hand on a drill press.

I wonder if they read ENDO? haha  If so, I want one of those unfinished Beretta 92 replicas. :P


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Remember this VICE Guide To Travel on the gun markets of Pakistan?

University of California San Diego student, and Master of Fine Arts (MFA) candidate Christopher Head wants to build his own as a thesis project.

Cool idea and all, and I hate shitting on pro-gun efforts but I believe the project falls extremely short in the following areas:

This project seems more like a learning experience that he wants funded, rather than an actual useful thesis project.

Making everything including the bolt, barrel, springs, etc… (if that is in fact what he wants to do) is a lofty goal which I don’t think can be accomplished in a short amount of time, by someone without prior experience with this type of thing.

If he’s not planning on constructing absolutely everything from scratch, then the description on Kickstarter should be revised.  Assembling an AK from parts, even if he stamps or mills the reciever is nothing new.

Project costs include specialized tool purchases, tool rental, shop costs, supervision costs, gallery costs including printing, mounting, and pedestals, performance costs including range rental, ammunition, and equipment rentals. Art is expensive!

Not really sure how this qualifies as “art”.  Is anything art if you mount it in a fancy way?  I suppose so.

If you need a bunch of specialized tools, what good are the Do It Yourself instructions to anyone that doesn’t have thousands of dollars to invest in a build?  I was under the impression that Khyber Pass firearms were made mainly by hand using  basic tools.  Around the 5 minute mark in the video you can see files, hammers, hacksaws etc..

I think he would have more luck if he can revise the pledges to have a lower dollar value one that includes the instruction set.  I’d throw in a dollar or two to support the effort if I got the plans in the end.  Not a chance I’d pay $25 though, which is currently what the lowest pledge that includes an instruction set is.

Pledge #1 – $10 for 1 piece of spent brass from the test fire.  Damn I need to start calling myself an artist.

Maybe he will clear up some of the questions I have, and possibly take my suggestion of lowering the pledge value.  From a design point of view I’d love to see him succeed on this, if what he is trying to do is truly build 100% of the rifle from scratch.  As an art project, I still wish him luck because it definitely takes some balls to do such a project at a California University of all places.

Check out the project on Kickstarter – HERE


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Seen in this Google Ad:

Stay classy Google.  :P

I’m actually surprised that ad is allowed.  Not only for the obvious suicide negative connotations, but I remember making google ads up a while back and I seem to recall there were restrictions in place against using a gun in your ad.

I’m not going to post the website that ad links to, because it appears to one of those obvious info harvesting type of sites.  I could be wrong though, maybe it’s legit?  If they can’t even find  a proper gun to make up an ad though I hightly doubt it.  The link is written on the picture if you want to check it out.

Any of you guys ever pay for an online gunsmithing course?  Was it useful?