I need the gy6 diet and workout plan:

Who am I kidding, I’d probably take one look at the workout plan and break into a cheeto odored sweat.  G6 Andrew knows about working out and filmmaking enough though to get his swole on immediately before he hits record, just so you get the maximum vein pop.  He probably wouldn’t deny it, but he could try and I’d just be like “nah bro, it’s ok tho I’d do it too”.

I hadn’t seen a ballistic gel shot by tracer video before this one.  I’m surprised, because it’s pretty cool.  The best is when the round stops and just hovers in the gel shooting smoke and fire out like a cute lil rocket. 😆


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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An honest and thorough review from GY6vids as always:

come-thru-its-lit$900 if you want to pick one up.  I wish they would have made the fuel canister more low profile for a sleeker look.

34 seconds of full flame on a full tank is pretty damn good if you ask me.



Andrew from GY6 videos puts in work:

0:52 – Skeletonized drum mags… I *facepalm* every time I see those.  Like, are you asking for debris and random garbage to infect your magazine on purpose?

4:44 – “Casualty Carl” haha.  Everyone has the Demolition Ranch style character names now.  Nothing beats the Creepy Cooter voice though.

5:40 – WHOA that slow motion footage!  haha and the rebound… I know someone is going to say he’s like a 1/4 mile away and it’s “parallax effect” making him look like 10 yards away… I don’t buy it though, he looks extremely close haha.

6:08 – Close call on the rebound again.  He didn’t learn his lesson haha.

mericaThat sucks most of his cans are breaking.  I don’t remember Demolition Ranch‘s cans breaking.



Red White & Blue:

Gatorade-Talibade-Taliban-Jihad-Drink-Advertisement-1Quite anti-climactic.  How would one convert a harbor freight type pressure washer to a flame thrower?  I’m asking for a friend. *shifty eyes* haha.

Damn that’s gotta be hot.  I’m surprised he wasn’t complaining about the heat earlier on in the video.

Thoughts?  You liking this new flame thrower video trend everyone is riding?


GY6vids keeps it thorough:

Double-Barrel-1911-2This is something worth watching due to how unique the gun is.  I never normally post reviews because most of the time, no one reviews anything new that I find even remotely interesting.  I half expected to stop watching this one after a few minutes, but Andrew does a great job keeping the viewers attention.

The gun definitely has flaws.  Before 500 rounds even both sights fell off… the beavertail grip safety cut his hand up.. that’s about it.  Shitty that happened, I still kind of want one just to have one though.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?