Link to page in picture – HERE

HACKED BY R4DIATIONZ appears on all the Firearms of the pages on the site (and maybe more?) … Not sure if there is any other more serious damage.


This will probably be gone soon, but it appears that some of the technology contained in the EOtech holographic weapon sights are Balls and Whores. :P

Seen Here – http://www.eotech-inc.com/features.php

Lets see Aimpoint top that!


My first thought was that I was on the wrong site…

Then I looked again at the URL and sure enough it was http://www.bradycampaign.org/

Did they get hacked? NOPE.. All real.

These stories I post about are getting more and more ridiculous every day! :lol:

I love that altered logo they did!  If I were Starbucks, I’d adopt that for a “National Open Carry Day” and embrace the movement with free coffee if you are carrying a gun (wishful thinking I know :P )

Check out the actual petition – HERE

These individuals who have been carrying guns into Starbucks have all the firepower of a SWAT team, and none of the law enforcement training.