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Great video. Travis is the type of guy that I wish the anti-gun community would associate with us gun owners… not Buck Yeager, Alex Jones etc…

Zoolander-Travis-HaleyMy initial thought was “Damn Tdogg, did you have to wear booty shorts?”



The start of this talk is suspiciously identical to Buck Yeagers “Three Battles monologue“:

Both guys take credit… who originally came up with the list?  Sure it’s entirely possible two separate people could come up with the exact same idea, I just like to get to the bottom of this type of stuff.  Yeager’s video was released October 30, 2012 and this new video was released yesterday November 16, 2012.  On Yeagers facebook page he has a post he wrote on Feburary 5, 2012 which also deals with the three battles.

Is this a standard talk that instructors give to students at training classes?

00:30 – “I actually like to break it down…” is not what people normally say if they aren’t taking credit for what they are about to say.

Brannon does go into a whole bunch of stuff that isn’t in the Yeager video after that initial part.

Note: No Buck Yeager approved pic in this post because I have the sneaking suspicion he would not approve.


Hat tip: Liam


The former Magpul CEO (and all around badass) speaks on Airsoft:

The whole time I was thinking “That’s one hell of a mancave… pan the camera around!”   I’m still pretty “meh” about airsoft, but he does make some good points.

I guess the main reason i’m not on the airsoft bandwagon is because I don’t train.  When I shoot I shoot for fun.

Must be my self-diagnosed internet ADD kicking in again, but 13 minutes on a YouTube video almost kills me.

  • You can check out Travis’ buzz word filled new website/company Haley Strategic – HERE
  • He’s also got a YouTube channel with some pretty good other videos – HERE

How much are the real good airsoft guns anyway?