Listen up, Travis and SureFire are trying to keep you alive:

Zoolander-Travis-HaleyPerfect lighting on that beautiful skin.  Surefire camera crew obviously knows whats up.

Catch me popping around like a ninja flashing the light to create firefly like confusion… all while utilizing penile alignment to neutralize threats.


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What to bring to a Travis Haley strategic operational dynamic disruptive partners handgun and carbine classes:



I’d almost be willing to bet that some guys show up without clothes on, just wearing a hat and that belt.  People love to have their hand held through every step.  I bet he gets all sorts of questions like:

  • Should I wear cotton or synthetic boxer briefs?
  • You have beautiful skin. Is there a type of skin care product you recommend for the day?
  • What type of wood are the items grid’d out on?  Is that your favorite wood?

Because were’ talking Haley you know I also have to bring up Chris Costa.  This is how I imagine the grid for a Costa Lupus class:


  • Operation Z zombie dvds as reference material
  • Six pack of Tactical arm tape so you can operate better longer.
  • Thyrm switchback gizmo flashlight, because no other flashlights are even worth considering
  • Costa action figure doll for pre-movement non-disruptive simulation demos.
  • Ramp in case you need to jump any sharks
  • Blue Force Gear derp satchel.  Leave your life helmet at home.
  • Poster of shirtless Costa in swamp which you want him to autograph.
  • You’re probably thinking “I bring a dog in a shark costume?”.  No, it’s etiquette to bring your instructor a gift and I recommend something shark related for Costa.  His Chihuahua would look great in that shark costume.  If you’re extremely lucky he might put it on the dog when you’re there and jump it.

You’ll also notice that there are no guns, magazines, or ammo in the Costa picture.  Those are optional because you’ll probably just fanboy so hard and watch him shoot the whole time.

Thoughts?  Anything to add?


Funny to see that those magpul guys are embracing some of the memes (ie. the Costa shirt lift).

You can buy Magpul’s Art Of The Dynamic Shotgun – HERE


Sage advice Travis, thank you.

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On the Magpul Dynamics – The Art of the Dynamic Handgun DVD:

All jokes aside, Magpul is definitely one of my favorite companies for AR-15 accessories.

The training DVDs which the Magpul Dynamics division puts out are awesome, and the prices are definitely reasonable.