Remember the Banned XBOX 360 Ad Involving ‘Hand’ Guns?

Well someone added muzzle flashes, explosions, and gore:


Really took away its innocence.  haha


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I like the concept a lot.

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Ottawa, Canada – Repealing Canada’s long-gun registry would set back the significant gains in suicide prevention since the registry was introduced, emergency doctors and public health organizations said Wednesday.

In an open letter to MPs, 28 medical and health organizations said most firearms deaths in Canada are suicides, and the guns most frequently used are rifles and shotguns. They argued gun-related deaths and suicides in particular have diminished since the advent of the long-gun registry in 1995.

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Heh… so since people aren’t buying that the gun registry stops crime, they decided to make it a public health and safety issue.

Well Played…

Interestingly enough, the suicide rate in Canada is almost equal to that of the United States, even though guns in Canada are so heavily controlled (Source).  No telling from that source how many are gun related, but I’m sure the information is out there.  If there really is a correlation between gun possession and suicide as these doctors say, then why isn’t the U.S. suicide rate far higher, seeing as there are way more privately owned guns.


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Lakeland, Florida – A Lakeland Police Department civilian employee accidentally shot himself through the hand Friday while handling an officer’s gun, police said.

When Waterman parked outside the police station and went inside to use the restroom, Ramirez took the officer’s department-issued back-up gun, a .45-caliber glock, out of the car’s glove box.

He was looking at the gun when it accidentally fired, shooting him through the hand, police said.

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If there is one thing I hate, it’s when guns decide to shoot when you’re just looking at them :roll: *sarcasm*



On a recent MythBusters episode they asked the question:

“Is it possible to shoot a gun out of a bad guy’s hand”

Fly to Your Dreams Blog has a good writeup including some of his observations.

I agree with all his points.  But here is an idea…

Why risk collateral damage when some scumbag is doing something threatening with a gun?  Do the world a favor and just shoot him.

Disarming someone with a bullet does make for good family friendly T.V. though: