This movie looks typical:

haha 1:44 is where the HANDgun is.  Looks like confirmed trash, and that dude looks like a Kirkland brand Jamie Dornan.


Gat tip: Southern Son


Take notes, and protect your girl before he collects your girl:

LOL who’mstve mans? This type of video is always the same.  Would the fancy moves work? Possibly I guess *shrug*.  There’s also a very good possibility it could go very wrong.

According to google translate, the channel this video is on is Portuguese.


Gat tip: Markythemark


Holy this is awesome:

James is the best thing that’s ever happened to TFB… EVER.  James is a Lawyer, but I hope this YouTube thing starts paying him big bucks and he quits lawyering and does this full time.

Despite the fact I rag on some of the other blogs like TFB and TTAG occasionally for their monetization practices (popups and ads), I’ve got mad love for all those guys and what they do.

Thoughts?  Accurate, or are u mad?


Looking DIESEL:

This guy has the sickest draw and t-rex snatchback in the industry.



Classic.  The jokes write themselves:

Diving for stuff and using metal detectors to find stuff has always fascinated me.  I imagine you find a lot of complete garbage though more than anything obviously.  Why was this dude not wearing gloves?

3:05 – Where he finds the handgun.  Looks to be a Cobra FS32.  A very toss-able choice ;) I must say.

He talks some more about it at 6:20 and 9:09 – “Most definitely a murder weapon”.  Looks like it’s in really rough shape, but who knows… maybe some mother’s “baby” who “didn’t do nuffin” might end up getting put away after they make some connection.

Thoughts?  Man it looks cold out there… I bet that guy wishes it was as hotter than a hoochie coochie.

Gat tip: Mateo


How many of you nerds don’t know Poppy?

0:19 – *GASP!* Poppy lied to us… that’s an obvious snap cap round at.  THIS. IS. BULLSHIT! UNSUBSCRIBED! :P

282,000 views at the time of writing this post.  Not bad not bad haha.

I was going to say Poppy loads a Beretta 92FS, but I don’t know enough about 9mm Beretta models, and I knew if I got it wrong someone would be like “ACTUALLY Mike, that’s a M9 you newb”.

Thoughts?  You glad you know how to load a handgun now?  Would operate with Poppy? If you’re not familiar with her body of “work”, check out the amazing videos on her channel haha.