The XD guys are at it again:

That thing is called the “Sul Sling”.Ā  If you’re unsure what it does or how it works, I literally couldn’t make this up… this is pasted directly from their website:

The SULĀ® SlingĀ offers unsurpassed comfort and versatility for maintaining quick hands free positive weapons retention for any full framed or smaller side arm.

Tactical readiness while behind the wheel of a vehicle is now faster than ever before. The patent pendingĀ SULĀ® Sling and SULĀ® Stick afford a level of rapid weapon deployment unavailableĀ until now. Utilizing a patent pending system of rare earth magnets the SULĀ® Stick holds any standard size frame sidearm in SUL while in a vulnerable seated position. The SULĀ® Sling is capable of 40 pounds of perpendicular hold making it the most versatile weapons retention device ever created.

Utilizing NanoSphereĀ®technology, theĀ SULĀ® Sling is impervious to water, mud, UV rays, dirt, metal filings and virtually anything thrown at it.

AllĀ SULĀ® branded products are designed to keep you Ready In PositionĀ®. When seconds count, seconds count. Nothing affords a faster draw in a vehicle under an ambush than theĀ SULĀ® Sling.


Ok thenšŸ˜† … One of my pet peeves is when people use Ā® when in fact they should be using TM.Ā  Yea I get it, you’re probably trying to impress someone… but when a guy like me that isn’t an idiot looks the wordmark up and sees that you indeed do not have a registered trademark, then it’s just one more thing I add to the derp list.Ā  At least it’s not quite the egregious VODA use of the sacred Ā®… this SUL guy does have an application in, which is “almost” approved at the moment (US Serial number 88625320).

I can’t stress enough, how much you should buy two of these (because two is one and one is none) and defend the flock.Ā  They are on sale right now for a meager $75, down from the usual $90 on the Sul Tactical website. This is the future of carrying a gun… these guys are obviously living in 2092.

On a related note, it took about 12hours but these guys blocked me from seeing their page on Instagram. That’s such a 2008 thing to do, but to each their own. You guys might be surprised to hear that it doesn’t happen much at all anymore. Typically even the guys / companies I roast the most end up thanking me because a) they have a sense of humor about themselves, and b) the post made them money.



Looks cool but ehhhhh, pass:

From the Vera Safety site:

Reach uses a unique locking system that was specially engineered for handguns. When you push your handgun firmly into the holster, it automatically locks it into the safe. A strong metal lock holds the front trigger guard and prevents the gun from being pulled out by force.

The lock entirely avoids the trigger, making sure that accidental discharge by trigger pull is not possible.

$299 for the complete mount kit, holster etc…Ā  Sure it looks cool and all, but similar things have been done many time before.Ā  The Achilles heel of all of these things is that you’re rendering your gun useless until you free it from the locking device.Ā  Sure if it’s not a life or death situation, and you’re just using it to keep a kids dirty paws off of it then I guess that’s perfectly fine… but all I have to say to anyone who thinks fingerprint readers are a good idea where you need something NOW is: Have you ever been out in the rain without gloves on, and tried to unlock your phone?Ā  Have you ever had lotion on your hands and tried to unlock your phone? You can’t do it.Ā  I’m confident fingerprint readers (and various other biometric solutions) will get there one way or another eventually, but right now they just aren’t built for life or death situations.Ā  I’m sure in the history of mankind someone has warned someone they were going to murder them… giving the would be victim a chance to think and react, but for the most part I’m comfortable saying that only happens in James Bond movies.

According to a press post on the Vera Safety facebook page, they have secured more than $1M in investment money.Ā  Mind blowing (but also not in the times we’re living in)..Ā  People definitely love something that looks pretty, so I’m not all that surprised the investors think this will do well.Ā  On a macro level it makes me wonder sometimes what I’m doing with my life, when I literally have all the skills to design, brand, produce, market, and sell something like this.Ā  I think part of it is you really have to be a salesman to secure funding… like you actually need to convince the guys with the bag šŸ’°that if out of the estimated 50 million households with guns in the US you can convince 1% (“JUST 1% FELLAS!!!!” you say) that this safe is a good idea then you’ll all be Scrooge McDuck’in, and won’t have to do anything you don’t want to do for the rest of your lives.



Heh. The concept is nothing new, but this method is something I’ve never seen before:

You can always count on guys to come up with creative ways to open a beer.Ā  It doesn’t matter if the Sam Adams has a twist cap… you gotta open it with finesse.Ā  I choose to go the safer boring route of using my .50 BMG bottle opener (the one I used to sell).



This movie looks typical:

haha 1:44 is where the HANDgun is.Ā  Looks like confirmed trash, and that dude looks like a Kirkland brand Jamie Dornan.


Gat tip: Southern Son


Take notes, and protect your girl before he collects your girl:

LOL who’mstve mans? This type of video is always the same. Ā Would the fancy moves work? Possibly I guess *shrug*. Ā There’s also a very good possibility it could go very wrong.

According to google translate, the channel this video is on is Portuguese.


Gat tip: Markythemark


Holy this is awesome:

James is the best thing that’s ever happened to TFB… EVER. Ā James is a Lawyer, but I hope this YouTube thing starts paying him big bucks and he quits lawyering and does this full time.

Despite the fact I rag on some of the other blogs like TFB and TTAG occasionally for their monetization practices (popups and ads), I’ve got mad love for all those guys and what they do.

Thoughts? Ā Accurate, or are u mad?