Classic.  The jokes write themselves:

Diving for stuff and using metal detectors to find stuff has always fascinated me.  I imagine you find a lot of complete garbage though more than anything obviously.  Why was this dude not wearing gloves?

3:05 – Where he finds the handgun.  Looks to be a Cobra FS32.  A very toss-able choice ;) I must say.

He talks some more about it at 6:20 and 9:09 – “Most definitely a murder weapon”.  Looks like it’s in really rough shape, but who knows… maybe some mother’s “baby” who “didn’t do nuffin” might end up getting put away after they make some connection.

Thoughts?  Man it looks cold out there… I bet that guy wishes it was as hotter than a hoochie coochie.

Gat tip: Mateo


How many of you nerds don’t know Poppy?

0:19 – *GASP!* Poppy lied to us… that’s an obvious snap cap round at.  THIS. IS. BULLSHIT! UNSUBSCRIBED! :P

282,000 views at the time of writing this post.  Not bad not bad haha.

I was going to say Poppy loads a Beretta 92FS, but I don’t know enough about 9mm Beretta models, and I knew if I got it wrong someone would be like “ACTUALLY Mike, that’s a M9 you newb”.

Thoughts?  You glad you know how to load a handgun now?  Would operate with Poppy? If you’re not familiar with her body of “work”, check out the amazing videos on her channel haha.


haha this joke never gets old:

Troll-FaceI’m used to seeing low frame rates sometime, it got me (ya ya Got eeeeeem) at the starting because I thought the camera just wasn’t picking up the slide reciprocation.

I posted a similar video on Instagram a while back.  I like how the North Koreans added the brass sound effect… very good thinking LOL.

That’s an interesting camouflage pattern the soldiers are wearing.  I matched with a girl on Tinder the other day who was like “I dislike army print” in her About Me section… I’m probably going to troll her soon and post it on Instagram.  I’m surprised she even wanted a piece of this action considering I am wearing my Multicam backpack hiking, in all but one of the pictures I have up.  Probably so thirsty she’s willing to overlook that *smh* “Army print”.

Gat tip: NC


Larry Vuitton speaks on it:

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-Parody0:19 – Damn, the guy puts on a week long 1911 building course!  Sounds cool.  I’m kind of over personally owning any more 1911s though.  I like Glocks so much because they are inexpensive, don’t rust, and they are ready to go when you need them.  The historical aspect of the 1911 is the main reason I like them now.

The video is a good watch, but definitely contains mainly guys “tooting Larry’s horn for him”.



I’m pretty sure this isn’t legal… But I ain’t no snitch:

Seems to work pretty awesome.  Some sort of electromechanical trigger pull going on.  I wonder if you could change the angle of the propellors right as the trigger was pulled, to mitigate the effect of the recoil?

When I posted this on Instagram earlier, there were some comments made about the possibility of active shooters using this type of thing from a distance.  I hadn’t considered that, and the thought is pretty frightening.  I brought up the point that all the active shooting scenarios I can vaguely remember, I believe most of the people were dumber than a bag of hammers (in general)… so with the current state of quadcopter mounted handguns being very DIY, I’m guessing none of those idiot scumbags could have figured it out anyway even if they wanted to.  Just like with everything else though… sooner or later there will be “kits” for “airsoft purposes” up on the internet where you could buy this whole setup with a remote gopro on the front, and assemble it in your living room.

I’m guessing this video wont be up long, once the NSA finishes running it through FRML (Foliage Recognition, Matching, and Locating) and pinpoints the location.

Handgun-Mounted-On-QuadcopterThoughts?  Would operate remotely? (haha get it? :P)

Gat tip: Pyro, Chris


Not a bad commercial for the most part I suppose:

S&W does a nice job with the POVs.  Disappointing that 2/3 actors are blatantly shown packing up empty guns… I don’t see the point.

Wait for it….. wait for it….

0:27 – “Confidence?  We perfected that years ago.” (Glock Source)

My reaction:


Are you messing with the subcompact Glocks? Or is the Shield your official shit because Glock slept on the Single stack sub-compact market for so long?