Glock 17 (9mm), Full size HK (.45), Full size FN (.45), 1911 (.45):

I’m not mad at the list, I just thought since he’s FPS Russia, it would be a bit more theatrical.  I’m talking an AR-15 Pistol decked out with accessories, Tiger striped Deagle brand Deagle, .500 S&W Magnum…. and yea the Glock can stay.  I was disappointed his 1911 wasn’t even a Conway Twitty tribute version.  I guess he’s keeping things serious on his 2nd channel.

FPS-RussiaLooks like he lost a bunch of weight in his face.



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Some good old fashioned phone trolling:

Phone trolling was so personal, it was great because The feedback was instant and measurable.  Until internet troll-analytics is invented, it will be difficult to ever do anything but guess at the response your clever typed message evoked.


The most advanced troll ever would have been if someone called up and mentioned something about 7 round magazines… only to have it come true slightly over 22 years later.  We could call it Looper-Trolling.


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Of the 4,050 firearms traded in for gift cards, there were 55 assault weapons and 3,335 handguns, along with 660 replicas, according to the Office of Police News Affairs.

During the first half hour of the gun buyback program this morning, 1335 weapons were turned in, officials said. The department offered up to $100 for weapons handed over.

Full Story – HERE

:(  … 3390 firearms gone just like that. Well at least Chicago will be a utopia now, free of violence.

Someone even turned in inert hand grenades and cause a huge shitstorm with the bomb squad. I wonder if they got $100 each for them? That would be a pretty sweet profit if they were the usual cheap gunshow ones.

They annihilated last years total of 1900 guns, which mayor Daley mentioned in his ABC interview a couple of days ago.


Two days ago I posted about the Brady Campaign’s WEAK Twitter Following

Today I officially surpassed their number of followers by 1 :P

Thank you to everyone that made it happen!

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My blog is on twitter, I have 87 followers.  Not impressive by any means, but I don’t lose any sleep over it.

Evidence of my first twitter post can be found here:

Note the date: Oct 15, 2009

The Brady campaign’s first twitter post:

Note the date: July 21, 2009

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Stereotypical, but nicely executed.

Source: L.A. Times

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