Clint Westwood knocks it out the park with this:

A look at the assembly:

I love the ingenuity and workmanship.

If it didn’t require a manufacturer’s license, I guarantee there is a market for stuff like this.  How awesome would it be to have random guns in your safe built from repurposed hardware store tools?

3:35 – That quad-barrel assembly is MEAN!  I like this guy.  I know he was originally going for a “caulking gun” look, but I’d definitely keep that shroud off so it looks like a mini gatling gun haha.

Staple-Gun-Four-Barreled-410-Handheld-ShotgunAnyone else waiting for the ATF is going to come out with an instructional video on manufacturing one of these?  Maybe even a major news station will pick up the story and freak out.

This would be me at Home Depot staple gun shopping.  LOL “Nah man, you go ahead and handle that for me and keep the rest for your time”.  Snoop was always on some G-shit on the wire.



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Arguably Richard Ryan‘s most badass video yet:

That thing weighs 80lbs he says! haha whoa.

0:42 – That round hit a goat in Tijuana, and blew it into a million pieces.

Richard-Ryan-M2-Browning-Ma-DeuceRichard is fittingly wearing the California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt from ENDO Apparel of course, which is also now available in a long sleeve version for $3 more.