If you’re not, Handi-Racker it my friend:


  1. Place the Handi-Racker over the sight at the front of the slide.
  2. Make sure you have a secure connection between the Handi-Racker and the sight/slide.
  3. Push the grip forward or push the Handi-Racker rearward.
  4. Release pressure from the Handi-Racker, allowing the recoil spring to drive the slide forward
  5. Remove Handi-Racker from the slide

You can check out a full review and more pictures over at Average Joes Handgun Reviews.

Check out the Handi-Racker website, where you can purchase one for $20.  It comes in small, medium, and large.  No word on when you actually hit the checkout if that $20 will be adjusted for inflation, seeing as that website was obviously made in the 1990s.

Thoughts?  Know someone that could use it, or do you think the idea is dumb?

Hat tip: Jeffrey


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Now that’s what I call OPEN CARRY!


Behold the rapper:

And the Chinese airsoft gun that bears his name:

You’d think these Chinese replica shops would have at least one American or someone with English as their first language on hand just to run stuff by.

Sadly that AK47 track isn’t available on iTunes. I guess i’ll have to save the FLV off youtube and convert it to pump on my car stereo LOL