Harvey Weinstein


Source – MTV

51:21 is where the gun-talk starts.  I don’t get it… he’s says he wishes the jews had access to guns during the holocaust but then goes on to say we don’t need them in this country *me scratching my head*.  Alright guy… so how do you expect to prevent another holocaust type situation then in the future?  For an obviously brilliant guy, I can’t wrap my head around how he can be so dumb.

NRA-LogoLOL NRA takedown project though… Hilarious.  Sure the guy has a lot of money and makes good movies, but lets be real, he can’t touch the NRA.  “They’re gonna wish they weren’t alive after I’m done with them.” -Harvey Weinstein on the NRA.

Weinstein also talked to ENDO blog reader Piers Morgan on the topic:

In the above interview he states that he’s going to not make movies with gun violence any longer. Interesting considering in the Howard Stern interview he talks about how much he likes making Quentin Tarantino’s movies, and would even go as far as to financially back a Tarantino movie without even reading the script.


Hat tip: Jake