0:32 – “If you hate on people it gives them power. That’s why I have so much.” – LOL soooooooo much power. The only thing I love more than I’m gonna start killing people and come at me bro duel Yeager is delusions of grandeur Yeager.

1:10 – That hate’s gonna burn you up kid.

Whatever works for motivation i suppose. I love how he thinks people literally spend hours a day talking about how much they hate him, when in fact what likely happens is they are like “Yeager’s a dick, I hate that guy *click dislike button*” and done.

james-yeager-photographer-down-range-shootingI had someone comment to me on Instagram that they love my ENDO shirts but wouldn’t ever buy any because I make fun of Yeager’s vids. Haha cool story bro.



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If you can watch grass grow or wash your hair.  Do it rather than watch this:

Toward the end of the video (8:13) he talks about how he carries a Gen 4 G17, then goes on to say he doesn’t think the Gen 4 is acceptable quality.  So let me get this straight… the gun you carry to protect your life, you don’t trust?  *scratches head*

If you don’t watch Vigilant Spectre‘s videos, the comments alone on a lot of them are worth the price of admission.  I LOL so hard just reading them lots of times.

Vigilant-Spectre-Tactical-WallsIn summary, as I mentioned in the heading the video is snoreworthy… I posted it mainly because I like seeing people wear my t-shirts… someone was going to comment that anyway so I might as well just admit it again.  Damn Victoria’s Sphincter figured out the formula… I’ll have to switch it up for 2014 to keep guys on their toes.