haters gonna hate

LOL so much shit talking about Hi-Point all the time:

He’s going to “Break my chi.”? WAT?  Hi-Point gets non stop negative press in the gun community, but they are still probably banking millions per year.

2:12 – “I’d say if you get 1000 rounds out of a $200 gun, you’re doing pretty darn good”.   Uh, I’d say it’s a piece of shit if that’s the case.  Buy a used Glock if you’re trying to save money and it’s proven you’ll basically run out of money before you break it.

Hi-Point-MeltI don’t know.. maybe it’s my privilege talking, but I still don’t see how a majority of people can’t afford a used Glock.  Sure there are obviously circumstances where that’s the case, but for the most part I’m guessing these same people who “can only afford a Hi-Point” still drink, smoke, and have a cell phone.  It’s all about priorities.

2:53 – LOL that scan.  This guy is doing a lot of joking in the video prior to this… so I’m going to say it’s safe to assume he was trolling with that high derp scan.


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