0:32 – “If you hate on people it gives them power. That’s why I have so much.” – LOL soooooooo much power. The only thing I love more than I’m gonna start killing people and come at me bro duel Yeager is delusions of grandeur Yeager.

1:10 – That hate’s gonna burn you up kid.

Whatever works for motivation i suppose. I love how he thinks people literally spend hours a day talking about how much they hate him, when in fact what likely happens is they are like “Yeager’s a dick, I hate that guy *click dislike button*” and done.

james-yeager-photographer-down-range-shootingI had someone comment to me on Instagram that they love my ENDO shirts but wouldn’t ever buy any because I make fun of Yeager’s vids. Haha cool story bro.



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4213 students last year?  I expected more considering how famous he always tells us he is:

Buck Yeager says that “haters” made him almost a half mil last year.  Good for him.

I love so much when some people talk about how many “haters” they have.  Most of the time these people are usually useless and you wouldn’t miss anything if you tuned them out… Interestingly enough Yeager has some good stuff to say most of the time though.

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedYour responsibility to be a hater… never ends.



100k subscriber thank-you video has him extra giddy today:

Nice video to show appreciation.  500 videos with 100k subs sounds impressive to me!  His little rant about how he can’t think of anyone with less videos in the gun community, who has 100k subs…. UHHHHHHH ever heard of my buddy MrColionNoir?  He’s kind of a big deal, and has just shy of 157k.  He built all that off not threatening to start killing people, or calling people cowards / getting pissed at people who wanted to call him a coward, or setting up a duel contract etc..

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedThere’s nothing I hate more than the overuse of the term “haters”.  I had to roll my eyes at his “without hate there is no fame” line too haha.   Can anyone confirm if there is a gigantic Saddam Hussein like statue of Yeager yet at Tactical Response?  If not, I’m sure one is in the works.  And to answer the inevitable question in the comments about me having one of myself, I’ll definitely have something exquisite made… like a rose gold fountain which I’ll get crane lifted into the rooftop patio of the penthouse someday.  Until then keep in mind I’m still young and THERE ARE LEVELS TO THIS SHIT.



MrColionNoir has a few words:

“Understand what you’re dealing with when arguing with someone about guns.”  <— Very true. It’s really frustrating arguing with people who use emotion rather than facts.

I agree that you don’t owe anyone an explanation. Thoughts?

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