Heckler & Koch

Volume 1 of 3:

ūüėé..ūüē∂‚§ĶÔłŹ..ūüė≤ Damn, Larry is absolutely killing it!¬† The book looks like a masterpiece just like the rest of them.

$98 for the standard edition over at Vickers Guide.


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I have no idea what the narrator said, but the video is pretty cool:

1:06 – I can’t tell what he’s saying… but are they not bragging about anything (high profile operation wise) since 1980?

2:39 – Ah the classic “diarrhea test”. ¬†Seeing the ice shatter on the slide in slow motion at 2:55 was cool.



Ahoy takes a look at the MP5 In real life and in video games:


I’d definitely put¬†the MP5k at the top of the list for HK guns I’d like to own. ¬†Backward cartridge¬†version only though. ¬†Weeeeeeeeel maybe one of those not-suitable-for-civilian MP7s. ¬†What about you guys?

I really enjoy Ahoy’s vids, mostly for the real life historical info. ¬†The video game stuff just reminds me that I’m old, and in awe what the youngsters are playing.



Not for civilian use! *LAV’s pizza, not The HK MP7*

Larry be like EXTRA SAUCE *check*… DOUBLE CHEESE *check*… NOTES: Write “LAV TIER1 DELTA” in pepperoni.


Damn that thing has very little recoil.  Too bad it shoots such a mini cartridge.  I want that look and function, but in 9mm.  Too bad we suck and HK hates us.


I thought TMHonfire102 lost his edge… he can still troll though apparently:

Troll-FaceHmmmm, yea that was disturbing.



Richard Ryan and iJustine shoot an oldschool iMac:

Realtree camo spandex top and bottom¬†paired¬†with a stylish tan military inspired jacket?¬†¬†ENDO Approved. ¬†iJustine knows what’s up. ¬†Wow.. 1.68 million subscribers to her channel! ¬†That’s nuts, well she definitely works hard and deserves every bit of success!

Barrett MRAD… nice choice! ¬†Can’t go wrong with the¬†HK MP7 as well, even though it is far too dangerous for civilians.

Pretty crazy that the bullet didn’t go right thorough. ¬†Fragmenting though I guess like Richard ends up saying in the Behind the scenes video below.

They talk behind the scenes:

iJustine-YouTubeRichard Ryan is of course wearing the ENDO Apparel 5.56x45mm t-shirt in the behind the scenes video.

Thoughts?  Who would you rather go shooting with, Richard Ryan or iJustine?  What about if all iJustine talked about is how much she likes Hi-Points, and how the Kel-Tec KSG is the best shotgun ever?