Heckler & Koch

Blog reader Chris Harper brings it:

If you don’t get why the picture is funny, take a close look at the magazine.

In case any of you that are reading this post forgot, HK screwed up royally with their catalog cover photo a while back and loaded the rounds in backwards and secured themselves a spot in the internet gun hall of fame /shame.

You can buy Chris’ gun at GunsAmerica for $650 – HERE You’ll be operating in highspeedlowdrag special operations in no time.


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Talk about adapting:

Unfortunaly no none ever sources their pics, so I have no idea where this is from.  I assume it is some sort of wounded warrior program.

The gun appears to be a HK G3A3.


If you’re going to steal Wi-Fi, at least make sure you do it with tact(ical goodness):

Although I’m never a fan of using a gun for something other than it was intended for, because of the possible repercussions.  You can’t argue with the fact it makes sense from an efficiency standpoint because of the inherent ergonomics.

I like how this guy did it classy too, by incorporating the camera mount into the magazine, and using a regal looking mini tripod.  Not to mention the fact he used an airsoft HK frame.. just to really say “Neighbor, you suck and I hate you so I’m stealing your wi-fi with this gun” (reference)

More pictures and a parts list – HERE

Hat tip: Not sure, it was shared to me with my own email address as the sender.  Thanks future self? Make sure to send back the winning lottery numbers next time hehe


An updated German take, on a French classic:

I wonder if H&K fixed the reliability issues? :P

I hear the M203 comes with custom made 40mm “white flag” cartridges as a hat tip to the design’s French heritage.

Note: Blogging is going to be light for the next few days… probably just a funny picture or two every day until Friday. I’ll catch up with the other usual stuff then.


I was hoping it was airsoft after I saw him sweep his head at around 30 seconds. Nope.. not airsoft.  It blows my mind that people that stupid are alive.

It’s a miracle he didn’t kill the camera operator too.

*UPDATE: Colin from the comments has evidence that these are blank guns. I’ll keep the vid up anyway, just because it’s ridiculous.



VIDEO HERE –> http://www.vancouversun.com/news/videos/index.html#vYVAUVBhw52p9CtgzIqqNveQrTQtwMqL

Vancouver Sun Full Story – HERE

The ETF was responding to calls of a man in an office with a gun — tipped off by a nosy neighbour whose apartment overlooks Bell’s office. The neighbour thought he saw a real pistol.

Toronto police said the response wasn’t an over-reaction.

God forbid someone besides a police officer would have a gun at work.

I was actually over at Brickgun the other day checking out their different LEGO guns, so when I got wind of this story I knew exactly where he got his LEGO gun when I saw the picture in the article.

From Video:  “They cuffed me and threw me against the wall”

Was that really necessary?

I’d hate to think how they would respond to a bunch of kids playing airsoft in the park, there would probably be casualties.

To purchase one of these menacing looking guns head over to Brickgun – HERE

The Glock type model from the story is called a “Semi-Auto with Mag”… it consists of 277 LEGO pieces and is $69.99 + Shipping

There are also Desert Eagles, Mac-11’s, Beretta 92, and H&K MP5 type LEGO kits availble for purchase.

Purchase at your own risk if you live in Canada :P