Here he is in Paraguay training their special forces in a helicopter:

Instructor-ZeroOH IT’S LIT.  So many pixelated faces, so you know it’s one hunid.  So much of Instructor Zero’s glorious tactical mullet flowing in the rotor wash.  He should make a specific tactical mullet care product just for that, and make millions.

2:23 – Oh shit, pixels were missed.  OPSEC compromised.  Identity exposed.  Paraguay will fall as a result.

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FPSrussia was too big of a pansy to shoot real hogs on video:

So he shot (or by the look of it “tried” to shoot) some dumb hog mannequin filled with fake blood instead.  Worried about the YouTube morality police ragging on you FPS?  Grow a pair.

Cory didn’t mess around in his video… the pilot flew around for a bit then he capped some hogs like a boss.  Erika went up in the choppa too, but she had some trouble taking down one of the hogs, and the others weren’t on camera for some reason.

Those helicopters look pretty damn “bare bones”.  I want mine to be soundproof with a wet bar and some plush leather seats.  I see hogs on the 60″ LED screen i’ll put down my drink, grab the joystick that controls the mini gun and let it rip. #bloglife



Sure they deal with a lot of expensive cars and even wreck some of them.  Nothing that would cost this much though:

During a filming of the Korean Top Gear, an AH1 Cobra helicopter was being used to film a Corvette in the Arizona desert, when the pilot lost control. Amazingly, both helicopter pilots were treated at the scene and walked away unharmed.

Pretty funny.  I hope for the sake of the pilot’s self esteem and job they will find something went haywire with the avionics.  Wikipedia lists the 1994 price of the AH1 helicopter as $11.3M… OUCH!

Maybe the damage will just buff out?


He steps his game up a bit in this one:

Oh wow and he even wears ear pro in the helicopter, who would have thought that was necessary?

The tannerite explosions from the air were pretty epic.   Nothing like muzzle sweeping everyone in sight on the lift at the end.

I’m temporarily back to liking this guy again.  He really needs to up his showmanship though, he seems a lot more subdued the last few months for some reason…


They should do this in all school zones. I hate seeing people blast past kids.


You know… it just makes sense.

We need to get the military on some analysis concerning the benefits of helicopters made from clown car material V.S. enriching the soldiers with clown skills.

I know that a portion of you guys are military… run this one up the ladder for me. ;)