I’m always down for a good Hi-Point roast vid:

Hi-Point-Meltheh not bad not bad.  The best part about Hi-Point roasts are the people who come out of the woodwork to defend them.  Cool story if you like them.


I have WAY too much fun making memes:


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*sound of hood rejoicing*

Hi-Point-As-Seen-By-WorldOk ok, I first saw it and was like “Why does it have that weird backwards-knee-arrival-movie-alien-looking design?”  I still don’t really know why, but I’m sure it has something to do with the way the thing feeds into the gun with whatever Hi-Pointy spring they are using.  A quick google search shows other extendos for the Hi-Point though, which definitely aren’t bent AF. Do they think the bend just looks cool? Ergonomics maybe haha?

Anyway, the company which makes these is called RedBall Sports, and they sell them for $25.


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hahaha ok to skip the talking I started both videos at the relevant time stamps:

and now AR500:

Hi-Point-Decorated-Stippling-Uglyhahah I like this guy’s style.


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Oh it’s lit:


hahah seriously.  Naturally I assumed this was some aftermarket 3rd party hydrodip…. NOPE.  According to Vance Outdoors where you can buy it for $200, Hi-Point released it as a limited edition.

Like John (the guy who sent the link to me) said, “I guess we know who their demographic is”.  Hahah noooo kidding.  When is the “bottom of the lake camouflage” version coming?  Or the version that fingerprints don’t stick to? :P

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Holy this is magical:


The story behind it:

This is the Hi-Point JHP Block II. It has become a project of mine and a friend (the owner of this beautiful piece of American engineering). This is the product of our dreams, as both of us have thought of doing this for the longest time.

It began life as a Hi-Point JHP, but we firmly believe in improving stock products, so enter the Hi-Point Customs Hi-Point JHP Block I. The Block I featured ghost ring sights, a high speed 2.5lb match trigger, a custom stippled handjob, a custom finish, and we modified 1911 magazines to function in this fine handgun (which funny enough, has been exceedingly more reliable than the stock magazine).

Unsatisfied, we moved on to create the Block II, which involved a hand fit tactical barrel extension and a single chamber muzzle brake (dubbed T-Brake).

To couple with these upgrades, we have also tortured it, and it refuses to stop, much like George Zimmerman and Donald Trump. This gun cannot be flimflammed or stumped. From washing machines to throwing contests in mud, firing .38 spl, firing ammunition that fails to headspace, and only having been cleaned in said washing machine, this gun will not stop working.

We have also developed custom ammunition, specifically designed for lethal kinetic deployment, as well as shrouding yourself for concealment and tactical surprise. Other than that, we have also pioneered custom ammunition we call the “16” Mk.7.” This proprietary blended ammunition features compressed smokeless powder that is accelerate by not just the primer, but by a small charge of blackpowder as well (much like the 16″ Mk.7 loads seen on battleships).

The muzzle brake in action hahahha:


custom-hi-point-2Oh lawd hahhaha.  There is so much win… you have to click through to see all the pics on Imgur.

This almost rivals the Dynamic Pie Concepts Ultimate Hi-Point (almost).  What happened to DPC anyway?  Did Hi-Point make them “disappear”?  *dramatic music*


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