high speed

WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? Some nice slow motion for your ass from Bullet Theory Films:

If your sadistic you can watch all the keys at once get blasted off an old school typewriter:

50-cent-get-rich-or-die-tryingRemember when 50 said “Slow dough is betta than no dough / get caught talking to po po / then get hit with the fo fo / that’s riiiiiiight“?  That ’99 shit from the mixtape days, before he got shot 9 times and his life and career changed forever. Kind of a tangent, but related to the title so whatevs.

Has the novelty of slow motion footage completely worn off on you now?  It seems like everyone and their grandma has a phantom camera now and knows how to use it, so I’m definitely less impressed than I used to be.  The only thing that impresses me now is creative ways they use the camera.

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Walking the .45 ACP out of the barrel:

Mythbusters-Pistol-Shot-High-Speed-Slow-MotionAt the start of the video they did a standard “Neva bin done befo'” claim… Something tells me this has been done several times before even by YouTuber’s who have access to such cameras.  Correct me if I’m wrong though.

What the heck type of range is his filming that on?  I figured he’d have a pristine personal private range, not one which looks like the battle of Fallujah took place between its walls.



This guy’s photography skills are high speed low drag:



The guy who took the pictures is from Finland and his name is Herra Kuulapaa.  There are lots more pictures of bullets leaving the barrels of other guns over on his website.  The Guy Fawkes mask is a nice touch for anonymity.

High speed photography sure looks awesome, but it also looks like a lot of work… that’s why I’ll leave it to the pros who already have all the equipment.

I always knew shooting was a dirty sport just by how filthy my hands get after a few hours at the range.  You really don’t realize how much crap besides the bullet actually comes out of the barrel until you see high speed photographs or video.  No wonder indoor ranges have to be so well ventilated!

Those pictures are art if you ask me.  Mad respect due for capturing the .50 AE from a Deagle brand Deagle.


Hat tip: Chris, Ron


22plinkster got the slowmo hookup again from Richard Ryan:

I feel like a 2×4 (or thicker) would have been a better choice rather than that scrap wood.

22plinkster-YouTubeThat tracer looked badass.  High speed cameras are money.

22plinkster would mop the floor with top douchebag contestants.  They could definitely have him on there as the “nice guy”.



You know he’s going to ride this acquisition until the wheels fall off:

  • Steel – meh
  • Light blubs – not bad
  • Paint – Ohhhhhhh YEaaaaaaaah

FPS-RussiaI gotta say I’m jealous of that camera.  If I had one I’d probably never get any work done because i’d be too busy filming useless crap.



Their alcohol abuse potential:


Nothing ironic about that picture.

Show it to a hipster, he/she will blow Clove cigarette smoke in your face, angrily put their macbook back in their messenger bag, slide on their Ray Ban wayfarers so you don’t see the tears, briskly walk back to their chained up fixed gear bicycle (fixie), button up their vest, and speed home to cook some vegan comfort food.