Jordan’s been known to throw some flames:

Highjak86-Marshmallow-RoastLOLOL amazing.  Holy that “AR-15 pistol” *wink wink nudge nudge* spits hot fyaaahhh.  I could have pulled so many good screen shots for the post thumbnail, in some the flame was so big though it obscured marshmallow guy and the marshmallows themselves.

Most of the crew in ENDO Apparel!  AR-15 Builders Club, Liberator Pistol Builders Club, and Standard 30 shirts.  All excellent choices.

HighJak86 is the name of their channel, check them out and subscribe etc… Lots of good vids on a wide range of topics in their archives, and every once and a while they make one like this purely for tactical shits and operational giggles.

Thoughts?  Anyone want to try and one-up them?


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Highjak86 spits hot fyaaaahhhh out of their AR Pistol:

Pretty mean.

Someone please answer this question for me… I call this an AR pistol, not an SBR because I notice the use one of those Sig Arm Brace stocks on it.  In hindsight I guess that’s why they have ARP (an acronym I’ve never seen used before but I’m assuming stands for AR Pistol) in the title.  Is it legal to not use it like a pistol at all and put the brace up against your shoulder like they are?  Seems like a pretty glaring loophole to the SBR / pistol retardedness.



HighJak86 shows us how they do it:

Pretty cool.  I went from thinking “Wow that looks like shit… his reeds are too far apart!” to “wow, that looks awesome!”.  The easy wear on the paint would be kind of frustrating, but at least like Lance said you can always re-do it for cheap if you don’t like the wear.  Operators LIVE for wear though.  I remember a post a long time ago on ARFCOM where a guy threw his brand new rifle around on the driveway just so he could get operator wear.

That intro music though >:o  It awakens the dead and rattles fillings out at the same time.  I don’t know what’s worse, their intro music or Buck Yeager’s.

Highjak86-ENDOLance is wearing the Liberator Pistol builders club t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.  That beard is on its way to looking quite operational.  I never take the training wheels off mine, and get it trimmed down to a #1 every two weeks.   Maybe when I have an OP planned I’ll grow it out.



Highjak86 with a fun little AR-15 pistol build:

That DynaComp looks like it’s doing its job nicely.. wow.

It’s hard to tell how loud something like that is on camera, but if you’ve ever been near a short barreled .223/5.56 trust me… it’s LOUD.  Thank god they aren’t under a canopy of any kind (I learned that the hard way).  I bet it was loud as hell in that truck at the end.

3:08 – LOL bumpfire skillz

Representing ENDO Apparel with the AR-15 Builders Club t-shirt on, fitting choice for the video.  Oatmeal color too, my favorite.


To put into perspective how Operator HighJak86 is, Tom’s record before he died was actually 10:

They might have not beat it (that one clay looks unharmed), regardless “America!” indeed.

A Tom Knapp clay shooting vid:

Highjak86R.I.P Tom Knapp.



Trying to put a bullet in a potato eyeball through a scope with a .308 at 50 yards:

The Carlos Hathcock legend:

One of Hathcock’s most famous accomplishments was shooting an enemy sniper through the enemy’s own rifle scope, hitting him in the eye and killing him. Hathcock and John Roland Burke, his spotter, were stalking the enemy sniper in the jungle near Hill 55, the firebase from which Hathcock was operating. The sniper, known only as the ‘Cobra,’ had already killed several Marines and was believed to have been sent specifically to kill Hathcock. When Hathcock saw a flash of light (light reflecting off the enemy sniper’s scope) in the bushes, he fired at it, shooting through the scope and killing the sniper. Surveying the situation, Hathcock concluded that the only feasible way he could have put the bullet straight down the enemy’s scope and through his eye would have been if both snipers were zeroing in on each other at the same time and Hathcock fired first, which gave him only a few seconds to act. Given the flight time of rounds at long ranges, the snipers could have simultaneously killed one another. Hathcock took possession of the dead sniper’s rifle, hoping to bring it home as a “trophy” but, after he turned it in and tagged it, it was stolen from the armory. (Source)

BOOM… HEADSHOT.  Nice work guys.

Highjak86hahah that scope was a mess.  I suggested they tape it to the end of their rifle barrel, using it as a half loudener.