hog hunting

Come for the collab, stay for Bryan Black & MrColionNoir:

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedI’ve always been a big fan of Bryan as a person, and ITS Tactical as a company.  Great branding, great products, great information, great people.  Make sure to click the link and check out his site if you’re not already familiar… you’ll definitely learn something.

5:45 – “If you’re a baller and you can afford the PVS-14 and a dedicated scope, that would be the optimal thing” – Oh god Yeager used the term “baller”

7:11 – Oh shit… the reverse Oreo.  MrColionNoir’s got jokes ;)



Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Bros that night vision / thermal hog hunt together, stay together:

MrColionNoir-Defend-Freedom-Tshirt-ENDOFunny stuff, worth watching if you’re fans of either or both guys.

No threats were made to start killing people, no one was called a coward, and there was no duel contract involved.

9:23 – Yeager on haters “Think they would ever actually say that shit to my face?”   MrColionNoir: “I would……… from 20 miles away”  hahahha owned.



FPSrussia was too big of a pansy to shoot real hogs on video:

So he shot (or by the look of it “tried” to shoot) some dumb hog mannequin filled with fake blood instead.  Worried about the YouTube morality police ragging on you FPS?  Grow a pair.

Cory didn’t mess around in his video… the pilot flew around for a bit then he capped some hogs like a boss.  Erika went up in the choppa too, but she had some trouble taking down one of the hogs, and the others weren’t on camera for some reason.

Those helicopters look pretty damn “bare bones”.  I want mine to be soundproof with a wet bar and some plush leather seats.  I see hogs on the 60″ LED screen i’ll put down my drink, grab the joystick that controls the mini gun and let it rip. #bloglife