They keep saying “America needs to speak with their wallets”.  I agree wholeheartedly… and that’s exactly why all those movies and TV shows they don’t like continue to exist.  Take the Kardashians for example.  That show would have tanked after the first couple episodes and all of them would be broke and working at McDonalds if the American people didn’t elevate them to fame.  Sure the members at this NRA Round table are all nodding and agreeing with each other… it’s not surprising.

Spencer And Heidi shotgunTo ask Hollywood to be socially conscious is laughable.  They will keep putting out movies and TV shows for shock value since they know they will make money… ones which will glorify teen pregnancy as something cool, go against common sense, have no educational aspect what so ever, vilify guns and on and on until the end of time because people will collectively keep spending millions and millions of dollars on tickets and rentals.

<— Prime example is these two in the thumbnail.  Like why?  Whyyyyyyy?  *sigh* Because they were MADE famous.  Heidi Montag, and Spencer Pratt.  Hahah it pains me to know that those two names were even taking up room in my brain, that I could recall them just by looking at the picture rather than having to google them.

These NRA discussions are “alright”, but NOIR is still the best thing the NRA has going right now hands down.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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The LAV does some LAV brand science:

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyDamn that’s a sweet looking beat up AK.  Say what you will about LAV or his “science” vids, but the guy knows how to have some fun with some awesome guns.  The production value is always high, and superfluous bullshit is usually cut out so that’s really nice.

1:52 – “Because of who I am dawg!”  hahah this guy…


Former cop talking about police impersonation, Hollywood gimmicks, etc..:

Spoiler Alert: He says YES to the crop top, no to the Tactical T-Rex.

He probably knows more than I know about the “Impersonating a police officer topic”.  I always just stayed away from shirts that said POLICE on them because I didn’t want people to think I was a NARC and get my ass kicked.  I did make my parents buy me an FBI hat the first time a long time ago when we were on summer holidays.  I wore it around for a while, but no one though I was in the FBI because I was like 11 so it was cool.  I don’t know if it’s a great idea to even semi-impersonate a police officer in an active shooter type situation though.  It’s not like the police are going to see you in your BAD BITCH mesh belly shirt with “POLICE” written on it and be like… “HE’S GOOD.  He’s one of us. CLEAR!”  Will they?

American-Apparel-Mesh-ShirtI agree with all his criticism of the Tactical T-Rex.  His horse in the background agrees also.


Gat tip: Brandon


Corridor Digital with a visually stunning short:

0:10 – Ack dude, police your ammo.

Corridor-DigitalYellowstone is such a great park, I’ve been there a few times.

Corridor Digital is really pro, this seemed like an actual Hollywood caliber movie, even the acting and script was quite bad like lots of Hollywood movies.



Surefire flashlights have been in tons of movies… here’s a look at some of them:

I can’t believe I’ve never seen most of those.  I always get so hyped about movies when I see the trailer, but the throught of going to an actual movie theater where I can’t pause the film to go to the bathroom, make good food to eat multiple times, and maybe even split a long one up over a few days, really doesn’t interest me.  Normally I end up forgetting about movies now entirely.  I’ve been watching a lot of good documentaries to unwind… watched one the other day on the U.S. Postal Inspectors.  Fun Fact: It’s the oldest law enforcement agency in the U.S…. and some of the stuff they do appears to be pretty high-speed.


I’ve always been a strong supporter of Surefire.. except for that tactical derp specimen known as the wrist light.

Next up for Surefire, Bollywood?


MrColionNoir x NRA News:

Yea good stuff.  haha at the Stalone movie “Bullet To The Head“… I love when hypocrisy is in the title too, not just the content.

If you missed the last 50 times I posted something that refereed to the Demand A Plan video make sure you check it out.

MrColionNoir-Defend-Freedom-Tshirt-ENDOI lose respect for celebrities who use their fame to shove ideas down peoples throats.  That said, I don’t care enough to remember who said what long term, so unless they said something really heinous that for whatever reason stuck with me, chances are I will forget and keep watching their movies before I remember to boycott them.