The XD guys are at it again:

That thing is called the “Sul Sling”.  If you’re unsure what it does or how it works, I literally couldn’t make this up… this is pasted directly from their website:

The SUL® Sling offers unsurpassed comfort and versatility for maintaining quick hands free positive weapons retention for any full framed or smaller side arm.

Tactical readiness while behind the wheel of a vehicle is now faster than ever before. The patent pending SUL® Sling and SUL® Stick afford a level of rapid weapon deployment unavailable until now. Utilizing a patent pending system of rare earth magnets the SUL® Stick holds any standard size frame sidearm in SUL while in a vulnerable seated position. The SUL® Sling is capable of 40 pounds of perpendicular hold making it the most versatile weapons retention device ever created.

Utilizing NanoSphere®technology, the SUL® Sling is impervious to water, mud, UV rays, dirt, metal filings and virtually anything thrown at it.

All SUL® branded products are designed to keep you Ready In Position®. When seconds count, seconds count. Nothing affords a faster draw in a vehicle under an ambush than the SUL® Sling.


Ok then😆 … One of my pet peeves is when people use ® when in fact they should be using TM.  Yea I get it, you’re probably trying to impress someone… but when a guy like me that isn’t an idiot looks the wordmark up and sees that you indeed do not have a registered trademark, then it’s just one more thing I add to the derp list.  At least it’s not quite the egregious VODA use of the sacred ®… this SUL guy does have an application in, which is “almost” approved at the moment (US Serial number 88625320).

I can’t stress enough, how much you should buy two of these (because two is one and one is none) and defend the flock.  They are on sale right now for a meager $75, down from the usual $90 on the Sul Tactical website. This is the future of carrying a gun… these guys are obviously living in 2092.

On a related note, it took about 12hours but these guys blocked me from seeing their page on Instagram. That’s such a 2008 thing to do, but to each their own. You guys might be surprised to hear that it doesn’t happen much at all anymore. Typically even the guys / companies I roast the most end up thanking me because a) they have a sense of humor about themselves, and b) the post made them money.



~~~~ Vintage ~~~~:

haha some things never change.   The “carry an unloaded weapon and load it up by your ear when you need it most” maneuver is hands down my favorite train like you fight thing from Israel.  Second favorite I’d have to give to the mechanical twisting and turning of the handgun for NO apparent reason.  Good times.


On a related note, thank god Fobus acquired Fobus.com … that .biz in the video is embarrassing.  I’ve probably said this before, but if a damn pharma company didn’t own my .com , then I would without a doubt have it.  I gotta settle with the broke boi long URLs with the descriptors in them -apparel -tactical etc.. 😂. I do legit like everydaynodaysoff even though it’s long.

Gat tip: @idaho_patriot


This is epic:

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🧱… 👀 @shots_and_shutters holster from @eclipseholsters

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Definitely a cool idea surrounding that meme haha.

Eclipse Holsters made it, if you’re interested.



Knife guys…

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BRUTHER… 😏😏😏 📹@blackbearcustomkydex via @47images

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A gun guy WOULD NEVER 😭😂.

Black Bear Custom Kydex is the guy to go to if you need a rotate-y-boi like this for yourself. Maybe he would even make one for your 1911? You could clap twice to release a hinge mechanism, and the weight of the gun would drop it right next to your cane handle.




A paltry $250 over at Athena’s Armory. It also comes in a black snakeskin looking leather if you’re an edgy cool mom.

Imagine not being sophisticated enough to buy this for your lady, so you end up having to walk around with her while she’s purse carrying (embarrassing 😬 wow my guy…yikes), or worse carrying in some sort of kydex monstrosity.


Gat tip: Alex

NOTE: Hope some of you are still checking back!  I took an extended break at Christmas because I was having so much fun… repeatedly ate too much, stared at the ocean a lot, went to a lot of great breweries with my family etc.  Hope you all had a good time as well!  I feel like it will take a few days worth of posting for me to really “regain my voice” and straight SNAP on everyone again with the commentary on the content.


📁 – gun_products_with_magnets
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Oh wow 🤔… a belt clip with a long magnet that you shove in your pants and stick a gun to.  *slow clap* Now you can incorporate a magnet into your brilliant Mexican carry.  What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

This came to me as a mass email which I’m assuming was sent to all gun blogs.  I did a deep sigh when Brandon (the guy from Idea Buyer who emailed me about this), called me an “influencer in this space” and offered to send me some samples to review.

Yo you guys gotta check out this “PrEsS ReLeAsE”:

Now available for sale, MagneCarry has changed the way firearms are carried concealed. Unlike traditional gun holsters that can be bulky and easy to spot, MagneCarry is lightweight and unobtrusive.

A less expensive replacement for standard holsters, MagneCarry’s canvas-covered magnet clips onto a belt, waistband or pocket. The user simply places their firearm flush against MagneCarry and magnetic force creates fixed placement. The product’s slim profile allows for more secure and less noticeable firearm carrying. At less than 8 inches (19 cm) long it adds minimal weight to the users frame and allows for quicker, more agile movement. MagneCarry is the perfect firearms accessory for law enforcement officers as well as military and government personnel. Remember the FBI agent that did a backflip? If only he had been using MagneCarry!

For unobtrusive firearm concealment, MagneCarry is the solution; a lightweight magnetic gun attachment meant to replace traditional gun holsters.
 Easy to use
 Discrete concealment
 Slim profile
 Lightweight and comfortable Multi-use
In partnership with Idea Buyer LLC., MagneCarry will be available for purchase on
Friday, December 7 th on Amazon for $21.99.

Initial inventory is expected to sell out quickly!


Idea incubator businesses like IdeaBuyer (the place that developed this) are definitely interesting.  I couldn’t imagine being one of those people low on the totem pole there.  If ideas like this one in the post somehow make it to development, can you imagine all the ones that they have to filter out?  I can see it now… A piehitter working on submitting his 5th idea, trying to get the wording right in the email… how to accurately describe a “training system” with a physical product consisting of an all-in-one treadmill with attached ratchet wrench wacker and bungee cords.  He can’t get the grin off his face as he pounds the keys he’s going to be so damn rich once it takes off.

You kings dropping $22 on one of these holster alternatives, and throwing your other holsters in the trash where they belong?  Remember Magnecarry is the perfect firearms accessory for law enforcement officers as well as military and government personnel.  I’m kind of choked there was no Navy SEAL endorsement… oh well give it some time.