Home carry

USCCA says don’t hide guns at home… carry one at all times at home:

eeeeh yea sure I agree “you’re prepared” if you carry a gun when you’re at home… if anyone out there does this, and finds it comfortable to wear a belt with whatever they lounge around the house with and finds their holster + gun combo to be not uncomfortable at all I’d like to know your setup.

Catch me wearing a Galco miami with my jammies.  That was hot fire.. I might sell that line to Stitches.

Kevin puts out a lot of videos I agree with, but he also has a fair number which seem purely to troll (like this one) / “because content”.  I can already see his next video talking about having a better chance at firepower superiority by carrying a rifle and an extra mag around your home at all times rather than a handgun, since the average burglar likely will have a handgun at the very most.


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MrColionNoir speaks on it:

I think having a gun or guns hidden and easily accessible in a house is a good idea.  I live in a really nice area though, so carrying one seems like I would just be uncomfortable for no reason when I’m laying around.  Better safe than sorry though I suppose, because he makes a good point about stickup kids kicking down the door, and realizing they got the wrong house.  

[Clay Davis] Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiit. [/Clay Davis]

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Thoughts?  Do you guys carry in your house?