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Hoffman runs, guns, and he protec:

0:30 – haha he’s operating barefoot!  Train 👏 like 👏 you 👏 fight 👏.

Some would say it’s a bold move to use a 3d printed gun for self defense.  He needs a full 3d printed upper to go with it.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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A question that most people won’t have to ask themselves, but it’s cool to see the tests:

Much like James at TFBTV, Chris Baker at Lucky Gunner really goes above and beyond with the actual useful or funny content.

I’m not a lawyer… BUT I feel like depending on what state you’re in, if you did use auto in your home in self defense the prosecution would try and use it against you.  Like somehow semi auto would have been better.  I don’t know though… you guys are familiar with my long running “the prosecution will love it” bit, so let’s just file this one there as a meme if nothing else.



Sig Sauer talking about practice:

felony-occupational-hazard-signSlice that pie my dude.  Wait… 1:07 “Cut the pie”.  UGH FAIL.  Savages “cut” pie… everyone else “slices” pie.

2:34 – “cutting the pie” again!  Dude is relentless.

3:44 – “cutting the pie” *places fingers on my temples and massages them to relieve stress*

Mmmmmm pie.  I made caramelized pecans yesterday afternoon, which is like the next best thing to pecan pie.   My girlfriend *not forever alone now has a girlfriend flex* and I put them in salads we make.  I got sick of paying $10+ for a handful at Whole Foods. Caramelized pecans and pine nuts are WAY more expensive than ammo FYI. Thoughts?


WHOA.  Baret “Pastor Fireworks” Fawbush lights it up inside his house:

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I have to say that’s the first I’ve ever seen that done.  Here’s his video disclaimer:

Don’t try this at home. This video is meant for entertainment purposes only. All actively in this video is lawful for this state. All bullets went into my birm located in my yard. I have no neighbors for miles. No one was home.

_Actual-Home-Defense-Training-ShootingFair enough.  About that berm though?  Dude has a berm around his house?  I don’t know *shrug*.  I’d be uncomfortable trying something like that though in a non life threatening situation.  Mainly because I like things clean, and after I did that all I would be thinking about is I just got burnt gun powder residue all over everything.


Gat tip: @guru262


High-Security-Wall-SafeI think this could have been better if it went a different direction at 1:27 with the “home defense guns belong in safes” inference.  He then talks about how safety is a priority and says a bunch of great stuff which I agree with.

Yea if you have kids, no matter how awesome you think you educated them it’s probably not a good idea to have dozens of guns stashed everywhere … saying don’t buy a gun unless you already have or can buy a safe to put it in would work fine if criminals would be courteous enough to give advance warning when they were planning a home invasion.

Maybe I’m just reading too much into this one in order to find something to complain about haha.  Thoughts?


Yea wasp spray, no mention of a gun… ever:

Cool story NBC.

I don’t dispute that “wasp spray” isn’t an extreme irritant… I suppose when dealing with MY LIFE, I prefer criminal scum irritants to be made from copper jacketed lead and fly at 1000+ ft/sec.

Criminal-Bullet-Pill-WhiteI swear like 99% of the “news” on a daily basis is just time filler which has the sole purpose to attempt to justify actually paying these people.

Thoughts?  Are you hitting up home depot for some EDC wasp spray and nightstand wasp spray?  Why shoot these criminals right?  It’s probably not their fault that they are invading homes… societal pressure mannnnnn, obama mannnnnnn, drugs mannnnnnnn, baby momma drama mannnnn.