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Intended for animals:

Hopefully they come out with a cartridge to fire gas (a la Darkwing duck).  As long as it’s gluten free, no GMO gas though.. wouldn’t want to hurt the criminal in the short or long-term.  This is a catch / rehabilitate / release type thing we’re doing remember?  Try and keep up guys. ;)

I always wanted to fire a net out of a gun at something… oh and a grappling hook!  I bet climbing up walls looks easier than it actually is though.

Net gun pricing starts at $1400 over at the Wildlife Capture website.   Aaaaaccckkkkkkk bullets are so much cheaper!  Also with a decently placed shot from a gun you’re completely avoiding potential net gun problems like dealing with a lawsuit when the criminal you captured takes you to court seeking damages for the net burn and emotional trauma. Mo’ net mo’ problems.


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Rob Pincus lays out his thoughts on home defense:

Here are Rob Pincus’ 5 Fundamentals Of Home Defense:

  1. Run like a lil’ bitch and let the bad guy have the things you worked hard for
  2. Hide like a lil’ bitch inside your own home
  3. Your hiding spot should have weapons
  4. Call the cops and warn the bad guy you’re prepared to shoot him
  5. Respond to the bad guy as appropriate

Rob-PincusI made #1 and #2 look stupid the way I worded them, but in reality pretty much everything that the bad guy is going to want to steal can be replaced by your insurance, and hiding while being ready rather than automatically getting into a confrontation is probably a good idea.  #4 though… WARN HIM?!  Uh… why?  I don’t think someone who wants to take your stuff and possibly your life grants that kind of courtesy.  Can you imagine if the police started warning people hahah “Sir!  Sir.. put that gun away and quit stealing this guy’s stuff and leave his house or I’ll shoot you.  Yes you can run away.  Please don’t come back and do anything in retaliation.  Just know you got lucky, and be thankful for that.” *eye roll*

In my opinion at the very least I wish every criminal would have to live their lives expecting to die every time they try and pull some illegal move.  Want to burglarize a house? Want to steal a car?  Well, that’s a personal choice but as long as you’re OK dying tonight because there is a good chance that’s going to happen.



Bill Burr gives poor home defense advice embedded in jokes:

Yea yea I know a “well placed shot” from a .22LR could take down a rhino or a grizzly bear…  For home defense I don’t agree with the advice though.  If you use a .22LR for home defense, and you convinced yourself it’s the best possible caliber to stop bad guys then great.

Bill-Burr-Comedianhahah a sickle.  That was good…

I posted some Bill Burr gun humor in the past you can check out.



hahah those guys are good.

So… anyone have their house set up with good burglar defense vantage points? :P  Tell me about it in the comments.