home invasion

Port Elizabeth, South Africa:

To summarize: Three pieces of shit break into a house while a guy and his girlfriend are sleeping (in separate beds curiously enough… I want to know the story behind this.  Did he piss her off earlier that night?  Is it a South African thing?).  The guys seem to be preparing to tie up anyone who is home, and one is even armed with a knife.  The girlfriend wakes up, goes out in the kitchen to check on the noise and fires too shots at the group.  They escape unscathed.  Boyfriend wakes up after the shots are fired, quickly springs up with his gun which he was sleeping with and goes down to see if she needs backup.

2:16 – This Home Invasion brought to you by GoodYear Tires. LOL just playin.

I’m of course always glad in these videos when the good guys don’t get hurt.  It’s always disappointing though when there aren’t body bags needed for the criminals.  This gives some of you the opportunity to complain in the comments how all those home invaders need is some rehabilitation and a helping hand to get them back on their feet, so they can live normal lives and be productive members of society.

Their body language seems incredibly calm.  She’s not even shaking, and he’s just handling business by looking around and clearing rooms all nonchalant.

Seeing videos like this even further solidify the fact I never want to live on the ground again.  Just too much to worry about.

Thoughts?  Would operate with the girl?

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Yea wasp spray, no mention of a gun… ever:

Cool story NBC.

I don’t dispute that “wasp spray” isn’t an extreme irritant… I suppose when dealing with MY LIFE, I prefer criminal scum irritants to be made from copper jacketed lead and fly at 1000+ ft/sec.

Criminal-Bullet-Pill-WhiteI swear like 99% of the “news” on a daily basis is just time filler which has the sole purpose to attempt to justify actually paying these people.

Thoughts?  Are you hitting up home depot for some EDC wasp spray and nightstand wasp spray?  Why shoot these criminals right?  It’s probably not their fault that they are invading homes… societal pressure mannnnnn, obama mannnnnnn, drugs mannnnnnnn, baby momma drama mannnnn.


You too can have this home defense operator knowledge:

Interesting contrast in the video, between the instructor in HSLD multicam range operator mode, and home invasion mode.  I love how he’s just waiting for the burglar when he’s about to break in the front door.  SURPRISE!

home-alone-faceFree PDF available for download on mistakes people make that could result in a home invasion.



Saves her own life by keeping her cool and grabbing her mom’s gun to handle business:

Full story – News9

It’s a real shame when these stories end with “he was released from the hospital and taken to jail”.  Real class act that guy… 2011 arrest for abducting a retarded 17 year old girl.  *smh*

What’s the standard anti-gun response to an event like this? Should that girl have just hid in the closet waiting to be raped or murdered?

I don’t know why sometimes the firearm used is such a big secret.  Would it have killed them to say the make / model, or is it some sort of liability issue because the girl is only 12?  Are they worried about 12 year-olds across the country being influenced and acquiring that exact handgun?


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My post title is the exact title of the video.. you know you’re in for a wild ride:

This guy is either nuts, or a senior advanced troll.

2:17 – “My mindset is that one of us is going to die and I don’t care which one it is.”  Hmmm suicidal?  I’d prefer only the home invader died, but to each their own.

2:24 – Goes on to talk about how he would shoot police if they entered his home without even thinking twice.  Yea that might not hold up well for him in court…

4:00 – A lot of talk about how much noise a shotgun v.s. a handgun would make when you kill an invader.  I’m not sure why you’d care about noise when legitimately defending your life… I have a feeling I know where this is headed.

4:45 – Yep.. here is exactly where I thought it was headed –> “OK guy breaks in, you waste him.  Now here’s what I would do.  Pretend like nothing happened, go back to bed and wait an hour or two”  Seriously?  .. no really… seriously?  Oh but it gets better…

5:00 – “Now here the thing about wasting a home invader..” and goes on to talk about how to make it look like a letimate self defense shooting in court.  “If you don’t shoot the guy in the head before he falls you’re going to have to let him bleed out and that may take a while”

5:51 – “Wait for an hour and wait if the police show up.  If that time passes and no one shows up then what you do after that is dispose of the body.”     Uh huh…. rightt….. Alright Dexter i’m listening… bestow some wisdom upon me.

6:26 – Heavy duty garbage bags “Take two of these and put one half of the body in one of them, and put the other have of the body in another one”   Oh so now he’s condoning covering up a murder and sawing a body in half… yea this guy isn’t sketchy at all.

7:00 – LOL gardening gloves to not leave any fingerprints… this guy is a pro

7:30 – Directions on where to get rid of the body… yes he actually recommends where to dump one.

8:20 – Talks about not worrying about getting caught because real life isn’t like CSI.

Someone save this video quick.  I can’t see it being around for long.


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In a future version of California, firearm control is taken to a new level by the nanny state government. Although the homeowner owns a gun, he is helpless to protect himself and protect his family from an armed intruder.

California gonna be California.

This video is from the same guy with great taste in t-shirts that did Tactical Magic.

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