The kid is back at it with a throwback design:

1:25 – After seeing that a normal person would probably be like “nah, I don’t think I’ll put that against my shoulder and 8 inches away from my face”  not Royal Nonesuch though.

1:57 – Yea sure he has eyepro, but he might need face pro after seeing that thing in action in the test fire.

2:19 – Oh lawwwwd one handed even.  He didn’t die tho.

3:50 – Now he wants to shoot some shot, so he randomly eyeballs an amount.  What could possibly go wrong? haha oh never mind he didn’t hold onto it this time.  Oh I spoke too soon, he still plans on doing it from the shoulder.

I gotta ask… what are Royal Nonesuch’s qualifications anyways? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (ref)

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The boy Royal Nonesuch.  No Valerie Nonesuch-Serbu in case you were wondering:

Royal-Nonesuch-Hawaiian2:05 – Peter pan up in this.  Rocking both barrels automatically one after another by accident.  A problematic feature if I’ve ever seen one.

Shooting that thing would feel so weird since the recoil is headed across your body rather than towards it.

5:22 – Spear which takes bullets. Hmmm in intrigued.  Probably won’t be that interesting unless he uses .50 BMG.

Yung Homebrew really needs a museum in his hometown. Thoughts?


Oh it’s on:

usher-sipMy man in the video is the Thai Royal Nonesuch.  Needs to reinforce that shit though apparently… peeled that fake 1911’s wig back.

I was going to crack some low hanging Thai jokes, and googled “popular Thai names” just so I could paint a better picture for you guys.  Check this… #2 is “Ice”, #7 is “Benz”…. oh and just in case you thought they were all badass, #13 is “Nut”.  Rolling up on the scene with Ice and Benz is filed under goals as far as real life instagram captions go.

Thoughts?  Now the important part… would operate in Thai operations with?  Would eat pad thai (my favorite) with?  Would eat pad see ew (my girlfriend’s favorite) with?  Damn, I really want to order Thai food now.


Everyone’s favorite homebrew ninja Royal Nonesuch on the topic:

Royal-Nonesuch-YouTubeAt almost 28 minutes, he’s still a long way from Nutnfancy territory… but still, seeing as it’s 1:30 am here right now I was thinking to myself THIS BETTER BE GOOD.  There was no reason to expect Royal Nonesuch would disappoint, and thankfully he didn’t.  He’s a natural in front of the camera and shares a bunch of good stories.  I know a lot of you guys are trying to run the clock out at work on a Friday, so plug those earphones in and relax.

One thing that worries me, is he has some anecdotes and videos thought out, which would suggest he should take all of our advice AND WEAR PROPER EAR AND EYE PRO.  But yet he continues not to.

Royal Nonesuch has definitely come a long way from his early designs.  As long as he stays safe and legal I can’t wait to see what he comes up with in the future.

I think it’s smart he doesn’t want to do “build videos”.  Sucks for the community, but I think it’s a good move for him personally.



From the same guy that brought us the epic shit shovel AK-47.


There are tons of pictures and info in the Iron Glock thread over at NorthEastShooters.  The guy even fit his parts inside a Glock airsoft receiver and it worked amazing.

Shooting the iron Glock:

This isn’t the first homebrew glock we have seen, but definitely the most crude looking.  Granted, the one I just linked in the previous sentence did have a completely homebrew upper (slide) as well, which was pretty awesome.

For those that don’t know, the polymer (lower) frame of the Glock is the regulated part.  Funny how in most (all?) states, building your own firearm is perfectly legal, and buying and/or mail Glock slides requires no special paperwork, permits, requirements etc… Just like it were something like a chocolate bar.



The gun store guys are back to making fun of their customers:

The icing on the cake was the 1 ringed scope mount shimmed with toothpicks and woodchips.

I’ll admit I didn’t do the best job when I chopped the forend of my 870 down so it didn’t overlap the receiver.  That’s about the only sort of botched home gunsmithing job I’ve ever done… everything else has turned out great.

Got any of your own stories of botched jobs you can admit doing, or have seen done?

If this is your first time seeing the guys in the video, check out 20% Price Increase When Asking For A Glock Clip to see them make fun of their customers some more.