MrColionNoir secretly wishes a homeless motherf***er would:

I consider homeless people to be in a class of “people that have nothing to lose”.  I really would prefer to have absolutely zero contact with that type of person, ever.  If jail or a criminal record really wouldn’t make your life any worse then it already is… why would I feel safe around you?  Depending on the time of day I usually just smile and shake my head “no” at them, or else just flat out pretend they are invisible.  I realized a while ago that saying anything just opens up a dialog where they will try to strike up a conversation in order to guilt the money out of you.

It’s a touchy subject because I’m sure there are plenty of people that are homeless because of legitimate mental issues, or physical disabilities that prevent them from working.  I’d pretty much guarantee most of the people begging for money on the street though are just scumbags who are lazy and realize that it’s more lucrative to prey on the average persons compassion, than it is to get some shit job when you have zero work ethic and absolutely no education.  Plus how can you possibly afford to get drunk and do drugs all night on minimum wage, and then be sober enough to make it in for your next shift?

Thoughts?  Do you agree with MrColionNoir?  What about my with my stance?