homemade guns

Yesssssss Yung Richie Nonesuch-Serbu shows us the collection:

Royal-Nonesuch-Eye-PatchThis man (formerly my future step son) is a living legend.  I picture young John Browning doing the same shit, but dressed like a sir rather than a retired dude or a geriatric Asian tourist.

Happy that after all those gun sheningans he still hasn’t comprimised his manual dexterity or his vision.  My dude even got a girl out of the situation.  We’ll maybe he didn’t I don’t really know for sure… I need to start hiring TMZ-like paparazzi to follow these gun celebs around and report on the minutia of their lives (for the culture).   It would definitely help uncover why Royal wears a ring on his left hand ring finger.  The buzz on past ENDO comments is that Valerie proposed.

Thoughts? Am I the only one that hears the outro music and is like “UNGGGGGGH TURN MY HEADPHONES UP…. LOUDER…. LOUDER. UGGGGGH I’M ABOUT TO GO IN…”


Too many crazy people out there.  Royal Nonesuch wants to distance himself from the derp:

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDOThis news sucks, but I don’t blame him.   I really hope he does continue safely working on homemade guns on his own off camera though.  The hobby could turn into a promising career someday.  We need more people like him in firearms design… not just guys making up AR-15 accessories for another 50 years.

Good looking 7.62x39mm shirt :P