Royal Nonesuch aka “The kid” aka my former future step son, is now into homemade flame throwers.  Here’s his intro video where he was hashing out the details:

And him flaming stuff once the build was completed:

Hmmm yea it’s badass alright.  Safe though?  My gut instinct tells me no, but I’m more cautious than most now that I’m older.

0:21 – burning fuel all over the torch canister.  Oh man haha.  I can’t help but wonder if that could be prevented or minimized if he put a small barrier of some sort just behind the nozzle.  Kind of like the drip rings on Kayak paddles. *shrug* who knows.

Thoughts?  Would drink Flaming Moe’s with?   Stay safe Richie… stay safe…



A video posted by ENDO (@everydaynodaysoff) on

I picture loading and shooting it looking something like this:

Yea why not. *shrug*



Royal Nonsuch with his most dangerous project DIY gun yet:

Holy that thing is looking like a BEAST; all barrel.  Royal nonesuch looking like a 1990s era Russian nightclub owner.  The wind never stood a chance.

3:38 – LOL what a disaster.  Glad he’s being safer with this one than the other smaller caliber guns he has built.

5:50 – Dude is CRUSHED.  Back to the drawing board.  I’m not really that surprised his welds on the keys broke.  Oh well that should be easy to fix / change.

I choked on my tea when I saw this comment on YouTube:



I still think he should have not been a pussy, and made it slam fire. hahah jk :P



Man… this guy never ceases to impress me:

Royal-Nonesuch-Hawaiian#StepsonGoals  (still searching for his mom, don’t worry).  Holy that gun looks ghetto / dangerous though LOL.

I really hope Royal Nonsuch has some close friends nearby who appreciate his genius and are working on their own equally awesome projects.

I said this before and I’ll say it again… first order of business when RN is my step-son, is that I help him ramp up safety.  His face next to the pipe barrel when shooting, and bootleg Raybans on the eyes just aren’t going to cut it.



This isn’t pretty but it appears to have worked:

Home-Barrel-RiflingCool.  Royal Nonesuch; take notes.  This guy is out-Royal-Nonesuch’ing you at your own game. :P

What kind of sus coil did this man make at the beginning?  Is he bootlegging liquor in his spare time? haha either way it’s a damn nice coil. I skipped through his “making of” video on his page, and it’s really neat how it fills the copper tube up with liquid parafin wax before he bends it. I like this guy’s style. haha nm.. actually he did make a distiller as shown in this video. This guy has some cool talents. 10/10 – would party with.

Thoughts?  This guy needs to accuracy test one of his barrels vs smooth bore.  I’d like to see the results!


Another glorious Royal Nonesuch build. Testing in the Orchid colored triblend like a boss:

1:38 – haha earbud hearing protection as usual as says he doesn’t care what you think.

7:00 – I don’t know how well a mechanix utility glove would stop an errant shard of steel… but like the earbuds they are all better than nothing I suppose.  Please tell me those are the Oakley M Frames with ballistic protection?  Did Royal Nonesuch seriously make that big of a leap in safety?  If so, shocking.

Here is a three video playlist where he discusses and builds the gun:

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDOHe definitely has confidence in these builds.  I’d probably be wearing a Sir Arthur Hi-Point style outfit if I was testing that type of thing.

That gun is begging for a small picatinny rail and either a red dot optic or a 8-32x Nightforce on top for trolling purposes.