Tactical Tunes talks about the struggle of both sides:

Thanks TTunes… check behind the flower pot in your back yard for the duffle bag full of cash *wink wink*.

Good song.  The harmonizing he did at the end (over a second voice track of himself?) sounded cool.

FXHummel1-ENDO-Defend-FreedomYou can buy all the t-shirts Tactical Tunes is wearing over at ENDO Apparel.

For some reason when I see subtitles hardcoded into videos I sometimes don’t like them. I kind of miss them on his song ones though when they aren’t there. I wonder how hard it is to run subs you can toggle on YouTube. I suppose I could just google that.



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FXhummel1 grinds his feet on the couch of a new track he’s working on:

Looks promising. I’m still waiting on the FXhummel1 album, along with a Carnik Con album.  I wish I could Suge Knight those deals.  I’d shave my head, wear track suits, smoke big cigars, and hang dudes by their ankles off balconies who messed with us.  The parallel story continues in my mind and is even more elaborate up to the height of FXHummel’s career when he’s playing SHOT 2018, it’s fight night, and we’re cruising just off the Las Vegas strip in my black BMW 7 series when someone opens up on us at a red light with automatic Deagle brand Deagles over some YouTube beef.  I sustain minor injuries but FX is rushed to University Medical Center, and takes his last breath 7 days later.  Music by FXhummel containing premonitions of his death is posthumously released, and rumors he is still alive circulate the internet.



The two take a look at the irrational fear of firearms:

On paper I like the idea of “trying to convert people”, but the amount of fucks I give about what other people think, lately has been at an all time low.  If someone likes guns cool, I’ll have a conversation on gun related topics if they’re up for one… on the other hand if someone dislikes guns and wants to try and educate me with all their “facts” which I’ve heard a million times and have rebuttals for every single one of them, sorry but I’ll pass.  I’ve been down that road too many times, and didn’t see any benefit come from it.  Your milage may vary…

Thoughts?  Have you converted people to our side, or do you avoid those conversations?

MrColionNoir is wearing the Keep Calm And Carry One T-shirt from ENDO.  I know it’s redundant saying he did a good job (because he always does), but I’ll say it again anyway… he did a good job.

FateOfDestinee-MrColionNoirI’ve posted some of FateOfDestinee‘s videos in the past.  Her videos are a lot different from other gun related YouTube channels, in a good way… make sure to check her out.  For one, she’s incredibly laid back which makes he videos relaxing to watch.. in addition she’s also very comfortable behind the camera (no Buck Yeager shoulder rolls and shirt pulls here).  A great asset to the gun community as a whole, and a good way introduce a girl in your life to firearms.


FXhummel1 looking like a boss, plays another exceptional tune for us:

I say this every time, but It blows my mind how good he is.  The lyrics are always top notch too!

This song has such an awesome message.

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Hoplophobia (pronounced /ˌhɒplɵˈfoʊbiə/), from the Greek hoplon, or weapon, is defined as the “fear of firearms”

A Manchester-by-the-Sea man who allegedly had a cache of weapons in his home told police he was preparing for Armageddon, authorities said.

Armageddon? SHTF?  OMG OMG and he had a stockpile of dried and canned goods as well? and medicine!  Last time I checked it was called “Being Prepared”

Gregory D. Girard, 45, was arrested Tuesday night for allegedly storing several tear gas grenades and explosive pepper ball projectiles. He was also charged with the illegal possession of four police batons.

Police batons are illegal devices?  Considering you can buy them off the internet and get them shipped straight to your home I highly doubt it.

In addition to the grenade-type devices, police found approximately 20 weapons, including high-powered rifles, shotguns, and handguns. All of the firearms were purchased and registered legally within the past 10 months, McKiel said.

So… why was he arrested???

Police also found a large collection of camouflage clothing, knives, bulletproof vests, helmets, and eight pairs of handcuffs in Girard’s home. They also discovered stockpiles of medicine and non-perishable foods. An illegal indoor shooting range was also found in the attic, police said.

To be fair, an indoor attic shooting range is pretty stupid (not that I wouldn’t like one with the proper ventilation and safety measures to make sure no shots go where they shouldn’t).  Sounds like it was just a makeshift one where he shot at a ballistic plate (see video below)


The video is laughable.

Looks like the cause of the arrest is “Spousal Hoplophobia” :P.  He is better off without her.

He has an impressive collection.  Hope this all blows over for him and he gets his guns and freedom back.

Boston Globe Full Story – HERE

Hat Tip: ViewFromThePorch