I have WAY too much fun making memes:


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Mattv2099 puts the RHMB in some Hoppe’s #9:

haha I still say “Hops” too, even though I know from Hoppe’s company videos it’s pronounced Hoppies.  Oh well… Mag, magazine… clip, clipazine, assault clip… potato poTATOh.

Hoppe's-No-9-Solvent-Air-FreshenerNot as sinister looking as some of his past RHMB’s… but still quite sinister.  Damn that would smell bad.

I’m really surprised some of this stuff just lights on fire rather than flash exploding.  I fear for Matt’s safety once he starts pushing the envelope even more.



Taofledermaus puts a flame on a test tube of Hoppe’s #9 for science:


1:39 – Wheeeeeeee. *snore*  Does look a bit cooler in slow motion though of course.

Interesting that nothing was really going on with it as it was heating up, then it just suddenly exploded.


<– Hoppe’s #9 air freshener I posted about a while back.


The Hoppe’s No. 9 Air Freshener will be available at your favorite sporting goods and/or hunting store and will sell for a suggested retail price of $3.99.

Hoppe’s website – HERE

As the saying goes… using Hoppe’s as cologne (or an air freshener) may not attract many girls, but it will attract the right kind.

I tell you, that smell beats the pants off BreakFree CLP. Whenever I get a whiff of CLP now all I can think of is almost passing out after an unfortunate ventilation incident where I likely lost a few million braincells.  I’m sure Hoppe’s is just as deadly in unventilated rooms, I just never had a similar bad experience with it.