This device is new to me:

I don’t do press releases (that’s cringe shit left best to the thirsty blogs), but basically the gist is that the French Ministry of Defense is dropping the FAMAS and replacing it with the HK416 (93,340 units right now) and they are bundling it with a Hornady Rapid Rack device.

My initial impressions are it seems to be simple, and works as advertised.  However… you’re now training guys to use this device rather than just using the weapon as intended – one in the chamber with the safety on.  Also, I wonder if under stress how many guys are going to panic and just pull the trigger while they are getting shot at… wondering why nothing is happening while the rapid rack is in the empty chamber.  Then say they manage to chamber a round.. maybe by that point they could have switched the weapon back to safe while they were fumbling around.  Pull the trigger again and still nothing.  *shrug* what do I know guys?  I’m just thinking out loud.

If you want to pick up a rapid rack, they go for $12.48 on their website.  Such a specific number.  I’m sure there’s some psychology behind that, which I never bothered to pay attention to in school… and instead priced all my t-shirts at $19 like a rube and not some number like $19.23.


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This is funny:

Ok ok I’ll say that was funny and well done.  April fools day in general though I find to be the cringiest day of the year.  I say this because even the most white bread companies are like “we should go viral” so they make some “neva bin done befo” derp up which isn’t funny most of the time.  Naturally a good percentage of the viewers don’t even understand the concept of April fool’s day, or remember it happens once a year so those companies get a bunch of phone calls and emails etc..

ahaha the top comment on the video is “Are you planning for one designed for selfies?” -jbmotter

Thoughts?  Do you like April fools day, or do you find in general it’s played out as well?

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NRAwomen Love At First Shot goes to Hornady:

Ohhhhhh Lawwwwd ammo production line footage… me = dead.  I love that kind of stuff!

NRA-Women-Love-At-First-Shot-LogoHornady ammo is so top notch looking always.  Even the boxes Hornady ammo comes in is Boutique store caliber.  I have a box of Critical Defense from the early aughts (That’s the way coolguys say early 2000’s I found out recently) I refuse to shoot because it’s so nice looking… All my glocks have eaten are Wolf, Winchester white box, and American Eagle.  Hell I’d shoot Value Village ammo if it was made available for cheap.

Looks like the next episode will be all production line footage!



$61,000 in $2 bills given to employees.  Good guy Hornady loves dem strippers:



What a better way to support working single moms just trying to pay their way through college, then giving all your ammo company employees racks on racks on racks of $2 bills.  Awesome company, awesome idea, awesome bonus.  Nice to see the company giving back to its employees.

Hornady Manufacturing is one of Grand Island Nebraska’s leading employers with more than 300 people on its payroll.

Hornady said this is the third year the company has given its employees a portion of their annual bonuses in an unusual manner.

“Two years ago, we caught a lot of flack from the city council and some people in the city of Grand Island for how we don’t support the community and we don’t do things around here, which we disagreed with,” Hornady said.


Thoughts? Favorite strip club anthem?


Har Har Har Hornady.  haha actually this is pretty good:

That brass pizza looked delicious, I might try that.


I always appreciate when a company has a sense of humor and can poke fun at itself.  Too many firearm related companies take themselves way too seriously.

I wonder if they would want to collab on a special edition DERP MAX or TROLL MAX ammo?  Probably worth sending an email.



I read into this that buying a box and never using your concealed carry pistol isn’t going to raise as much money:

Why use scary looking black talons that the media will villainize you over?  See them try and spin a story where some guy that broke into your house to kill your family got Mozambique’d with cute lil’ pink “flex tipped” rounds.  Ooooooo I just wanna pinch that flex tip’s fat cheeks.

hornady-ammunition-logoThoughts?  Do you hate breast cancer and love dead bad guys as much as I do?