Long but fairly interesting:

I saw the Mythbusters episode on ammunition in a fire… SAMMI got similar results.  Basically it’s not that dangerous if the round isn’t chambered… you wouldn’t want to have your face right next to it though.

Someone in the comments mentioned they should have done a drop test with .22 LR.  Yea no shit!

7:55 – Do a lot of people you know own blasting caps?  I don’t know anyone that has any.

10:10 – I always wondered what would happen if I ran over my ammo with one of my many bulldozers.

12:27 – 28,000 rounds being lit on fire NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo

It’s funny how they use actually real people (firefighters) for a lot of the tests to prove that the exploding ammunition wasn’t dangerous.  If you’re testing something, doesn’t that already mean you’re not 100% sure on the outcome, and you hope to find the answer?  I’m sure a mannequin with some sensors would have done the trick for some of the tests, or at least better protection on the fire fighters.


Hat tip: Russell


After my previous prediction, most of this was a letdown:

If you don’t want to watch the 18 minute video above, here is what’s new:

  • Beam scale – What is this 1982? … Should I grow my hair into a mullet and buy an IROC Camaro?
  • LED light strip for reloading – Double yawn I could have had that years ago
  • Critical Defense .32 H&R Magnum – If it doesn’t come out of the barrel of a DEAGLE brand deagle, or a Glock I don’t give 2 shits about it.
  • Critical Defense .38 Special – See previous comment ^
  • Critical Defense .32 NAA – See previous comment ^
  • .50 Caliber Monoflex ML – hmmmmm .50 you say… maybe I could rig up a DEAGLE to fire it.
  • SST Light Shotgun Slug – Reduced recoil?  Pffffft operators live for recoil.  Pass.
  • Heavy Magnum Coyote Ammunition – I use .50 BMG on coyotes, head shots at 1000+ yards so I have no use for that.
  • Critical Defense .410 Triple Defense – K this is actually kind of cool, but it still won’t work in DEAGLES or Glocks.
  • Critical Defense .30 – I can’t hate on the M1 Carbine *slow clap*
  • Super Performance shotgun slug – HOLY SHIT did my RC shotgun shell just make an appearance!!!!?! Yes It did, but it was just a tease. :/
  • Critical Duty .45 +P – Great casting of the scumbag.   Hopefully he had Critical Doody loaded, and that cop took him out with his Critical Duty… ahha I slay myself.
  • American Whitetail ammo – What a feel good video.

And that’s that.  You can read about all these over on the Hornady new products section of their website.

I wish I would have saw the job opening for “BUZZWORD GUY” over at Hornady before they filled it.  That dude TM’d all sorts of crazy shit.  Triple this, Critical that, SuperOMGperformance!  Little did they know that my buzzword game is unfuckwithable, you guys have no idea so don’t test me.

Maybe next year Hornady can make my RC Shotgun Shell dreams come true.  A trick up their sleeve for SHOT Show perhaps?



I hate vague teasers, but here you go:

Perhaps it’s a radio controlled shotgun shell vehicle like the one that gets some air time toward the end of the video? (see above)  Maybe that vehicle is full of 5 lbs of triple-aught buckshot and can be fired via the remote control?  Yea that’s definitely what it is… case closed.



An interesting video on the process:

Hornady makes some good ammunition.  Since I shoot for fun, I don’t normally buy expensive ammo, but when I’ve got my hands on some it was evident why it costs more.

The video wasn’t as nice and touching as The People Who Make Black Hills Ammunition but it is quite a bit more informative on the actual process.


All for publicity from bozos like me that run blogs, and DERPtastic store owners:

Oh well I guess it worked.  Now here’s where I make fun of Hornady…

Seriously Hornady?  You were known for your quality and dependability, and are used by pros and operators alike.  So you decide it’s a good idea to make and market some retardedly garish zombie ammo?  And then an obvious, seen it a million times commercial for that ammo?   You are not EXTREME SHOCK ammunition… have some dignity.

Are zombies even still cool?   I’m looking forward to the new season of The Walking Dead and all, but if you ask me zombies have run their course along with sparkly vampires.

-Here’s where I could link to the Hornady website.

Note: Brownells has some pathetic zombie ad crap out now too which is so bad i’m not even going to bother with it.

Hat tip: Drew, Scott, and Ben (who says his buddy is the dude in the commercial)

From Ben:

I tried to get him to follow the “keep your finger safe and off the trigger until you intend to fire” rule, but the ad’s director didn’t like it.

hahah Classic.